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For your deepening spiritual research, study and application, every written or spoken word published by the Christward Ministry since its founding in 1940 eventually makes its way into this vast research library. Our searchable library currently contains over 3000 audio and video recordings and digital copies of dozens of written publications. New writings and recordings are added on an ongoing basis.

This searchable digital collection is made available in appreciation to our Quester Supporters to enhance their spiritual journey.

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Lecture by Reverend Flower A. Newhouse

PodcastLet Us Have a Rule for Our Lives

Presented Sunday, July 21, 1963 by Reverend Flower A. Newhouse (227-2)

It has become very clear to us that each one who has achieved anything spiritually had a rule for his life. He may not always have shared it, but it was there, and it spoke through his discipline, through his consecration, through his great purposefulness. Until we have life rules, we are wasting and neglecting to a large extent our possibilities.