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For your deepening spiritual research, study and application, every written or spoken word published by the Christward Ministry since its founding in 1940 eventually makes its way into this vast research library. New writings and recordings are added on an ongoing basis.

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This digital collection is made available in appreciation to our Quester Supporters to enhance their spiritual journey.

Touched by Angels

Book ChaptersTouched by Angels

Reverend Flower A. Newhouse, Dr. Stephen Isaac

How do Angels influence our everyday life? How do They intervene in our daily tasks[dash]in our relationships, with our children, or our problems at work? Flower A. Newhouse is one of those very special people who has lived and worked with Angels for more than half a century and has written extensively about her experiences and her understanding. In this, her latest book, she presents a comprehensive perspective on the many ways Angels communicate and work with us. She also gives some simple techniques to help us inititate contact with Angels ourselves.