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For your deepening spiritual research, study and application, every written or spoken word published by the Christward Ministry since its founding in 1940 eventually makes its way into this vast research library. Our searchable library currently contains over 3000 audio and video recordings and digital copies of dozens of written publications. New writings and recordings are added on an ongoing basis.

This searchable digital collection is made available in appreciation to our Quester Supporters to enhance their spiritual journey.

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Natives of Eternity

Book ChaptersNatives of Eternity

Reverend Flower A. Newhouse

This special edition release includes the very first writings on the Angel Kingdom and Masters by Flower A. Newhouse that were ever published. It includes her first-hand account of actual experiences with these Hosts. The author's expanded consciousness and highly developed clairvoyance enabled her to meet and converse with these great Beings free from emotionalism and personal sentiment. It gives one an expansive and detailed look into Their reality and purpose of helping all life grow closer to God. This book includes five general sections: The Kingdom of Angels, The Angels of Nature, Perfected Beings and Their Tasks, Inner Glimpses of Life Beyond Our Planet, and Answers on Higher Beings.