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For your deepening spiritual research, study and application, every written or spoken word published by the Christward Ministry since its founding in 1940 eventually makes its way into this vast research library. Our searchable library currently contains over 3000 audio and video recordings and digital copies of dozens of written publications. New writings and recordings are added on an ongoing basis.

This searchable digital collection is made available in appreciation to our Quester Supporters to enhance their spiritual journey.

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Insights Into Reality

Book ChaptersInsights Into Reality

Reverend Flower A. Newhouse, Reverend Phyllis Isaac

This book contains a sharing of the clairvoyant experiences of Flower A. Newhouse. It includes chapters on Angels and nature beings, auras and thought forms, life after death, meditation and prayer, nature, music and art, mysticism, and holy days. It presents a penetrating insight looking over the shoulder of one who had an unobstructed view into the Inner Worlds.