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Drawing Closer to God

Our Greatest Need

Galactic Presence, © Jonathan Wiltshire

A time arrives in the life of every true Christian when they are not content to simply believe in God. The greatest need of incarnation is to know God. All other needs pale before this overwhelming necessity. In intensity this yearning should exceed all other longings.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, The Quest

We should desire God as a thirsty person longs for water. This desire should be kept unceasingly in the foreground of our consciousness. Until this great inner need is felt, an individual in the spiritual sense is only partially alive.

Our Need to Bring Ourselves to God

Video: Connecting to God through Immensity Consciousness

It might be wondered why we should strive so earnestly to keep everything subservient to this one consuming endeavor, when we are not in convents or monasteries. Christ made this type of love for God central in His teachings and living. At some time in our growth this kind of devotion is required, so why can't it be now in order that the whole of our lifetime shall be blessed by its radiance? The ideal is that before death each of us should draw closer to the Divine: however, if we are close only at that final hour, the other days and activities of our incarnation will have been wasted.

Northern Lights

Closeness to God here and now is our all-inclusive need. Nothing else will enable us to live deeply, serenely and successfully. Were we perpetually seeking God every hour and in every happening it would prepare us for Him so that at some time His visitation would be the most natural unfoldment of our inner lives. The point at which we can be certain of meeting Divinity is at the center of our purest and truest love for God. Through this center of contact every occupation, relationship and project will be enhanced and made sweeter.

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