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Deepening our Reverence

Entering the Threshold Where God Is

Academy Meditation

Reverence is the doorway between us and God that we must continually walk through to find our way in Oneness
bioReverend Blake Isaac

When reverence is sincere and deep, when it means something and does something to us, it rises like a geyser and gets through all the barriers that we might have erected against its incoming. It makes its home within us. This is the aspiration for every prayer, for every worship of God, for every gathering in God's house.


Reverence and its Benefits

1. deep respect for someone or something.
synonyms: to honor, to venerate, to respect, to show deference

Next to our need for freedom from egocentricity, and the inner purification of our entire selfhood, is the necessity for deepened reverence
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, The Quest

Each time she speaks of our Lord Christ, Flower's voice reveals her awe-inspiring reverence for Him. Through her deep reverence, she gives each of us a gift—a key, not only to drawing closer to God, but also to raising our consciousness and refining our character.

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