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Approaching God in Worship

Striving to Be self-emptied and God-filled

Easter Coronation, 2015

Worship denotes that individually and unitedly humanity is seeking the Light of God's Presence.
bioFlower A. Newhouse

With all the distractions in the outer world, how needful it is for us to take time to worship and commune unbrokenly with the Presence of God. Our attention is then directed to God and His kingdom and all the glorious powers that are in Him. Every day of the week receives this benefit when we find that solitary moment where we can draw the curtains of quietness around us and see that we are alone prayerfully in worship.

It's difficult with all the technology, duties, and pressures of the 21st century to find that solitary time with God, but it is the most important moment of contact that we will know during our day. Everything without it, falls flat. When once we have it, every other event and meeting is enhanced.

A Meditative Experience of Words and Music: Drawing Closer to God

Worship of God

Connecting Aspiring Christian Mystics Around the World

In this sanctuary especially built online for humanity's inner communion with their everlasting Creator, God's Spirit is readily realized. Think of all the souls that are joining you in this sacred space to connect with God. This attunement is continually linking us inwardly as well as electronically through the Internet, creating a network of devotion around the world. Flower tells us:

When we are wholly and appreciatively attentive to the Holy Presence, a communication takes place between the Divine state and the human state. Out of this recognition, trust and reverence develop. Seldom do we silently pray as naturally as in a dedicated place of worship.

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