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Main Rays and Sub-Rays

Working to Bring Us to Balance

An artist's interpretation of a fourth ray person's aura

The main ray seems to express how one feels the most at home with God.
bioReverend Blake Isaac

On the forehead of every soul is a flame-like symbol of their ray—the ray of their growth. This is the ray of our soul and it never changes from life to life. It is our main or major ray.

In temperament we often reveal this ray. We might find the first ray individual to be noticeably forceful; the second, intellectual; the third, philosophic; the fourth, artistic; the fifth, scientific; the sixth, idealistic; and the seventh, ritualistic. The primary ray influences our mission in life, and we are most happy and fulfilled when we are expressing its objectives.

The primary ray influences one's mission in life and one is most happy and fulfilled when expressing its objectives.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, The Journey Upward

Those who have clairvoyance will realize the most prominent color in someone's aura is the major ray.


Our supplementary ray causes us to widen our interests and developments. This ray governs our personality. Our sub-ray is indicated simply by the second most active color in our aura. It changes from life to life depending upon our needs for the rounding out of our characters.

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