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Unity in Diversity

The Wheel of Life

Love to all

The time arrives in every person's experience when they are so close to the whiteness of pure unity that diversity loses its character because it has become blended by understanding. After we once glimpse something of the importance of the seven major rays, we defend the right of all people to their own approach to God. All are equal paths. There is unity in the diversity.

The rays also furnishes us with invaluable information regarding those to whom we may look for spiritual instruction on the higher planes of being. They unfold to us God's wide plan in which humanity may mount the steps to Godliness by these seven equal paths. The beautiful lesson they stress is tolerance for every person's way of growth and path of service. If God's wisdom perceived the need of seven paths of Light, we cannot expect every person's needs and tastes to be alike. A variety of temperaments, interests, religions and vocations is not only the expression of life but adds to its beauty and to its power.

A study and comparison of religions increases our understanding and respect for their universal activity. However, we do not greatly appreciate world religions until we glimpse their purposes and missions in relation to living as a whole. Each path assumes a wholly purposeful synthesis when viewed from within, though outwardly appearing distinct and unrelated.

One goal lies behind religion's multiple expressions—union with the Everlasting Spirit.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, Seven Paths Upward

Coming to Universal Wisdom on Each Ray

Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life

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