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Selected Lessons by Flower A. Newhouse

In the early years of establishing this ministry, Flower A. Newhouse was asked to offer practical lessons that students could read and practice. She responded by sending out lessons monthly to a wide correspondence. Many of those lessons have since been compiled into the two books below. They address a short spiritual topic to meditate upon and put into practice.

A time arrives in the life of every true Christian when he is not content to simply believe in God. The greatest need of incarnation is to know God.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, The Quest

The volumes in this section represent a wide span of the ministry's teachings and are often selected for self study or content for study groups.

The Quest Lessons
The Quest Lessons
In response to The Christward Ministry's many requests from serious students who wish to apply deeper Christian principles to their everyday living...
The Christward Way
The Christward Way
The Lord Christ pointed out very clearly that following the Christ Way means identifying ourselves now with the Kingdom of God. Until we walk in...