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The Value of Creative Prayer

Coming Before the Presence

I stand before Thee, O God

Stretch out my soul O God and make it deep enough for Thee to fill.
bioMerle Perry

A Prayer by Flower (followed by what she saw while praying)

Prayer is simply communion with the Divine through positive attention and attunement. Its purpose is to express to the Highest one's feelings and thoughts.

Prayer touches and combines in its mysterious way those alchemical elements that engender healing, strengthening and regeneration. Through prayer we express our faith's reach towards God's completeness, toward giving us strength and wisdom for the achievement of that which is required. The more we pray the more convinced we are that our resources are infinite and that it is up to us to widen the cup of our asking without pride, to be conscious of the infilling we need.

The act of prayer unites us with the vital currents of God. By no other method can we be worthily and preparedly aligned to these wavelengths. By means of prayer, lives or circumstances can be channeled, for it serves to empty a vessel of its staleness or inharmonies, freeing us for the infilling of spiritual graces.

Prayer is not a ritual; it is the turning on of a generator that gives light. It is not a habit, but a communion; not a duty, but an honor.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, Christian Mysticism: Collected Works of Flower A. Newhouse (Vol. 1)

Understanding the Potency of Prayer

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