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World Prayer

Let There Be Peace on Earth

Sacred Vision, Ann Rothan (used with permission)

Prayer and meditation touch upon the inner side of our world. All help we give our country and world should start with daily creative prayer for the guidance of our nation and world. Keep prayers and meditations varied so that your treatments do not become stale and sterile. In addition to these inner creative methods, keep well-informed concerning world affairs. Support groups of every kind whose influence is needed for the protection of the world, including its forests and wildlife.

A Prayer for Peace with the Alignment Technique

Young People's Chorus of New York City

A Prayer Inviting God’s Blessing Upon the Earth

Intonement for Divine World Benediction

This prayer was written for spiritual group leaders, but anyone who feels the desire to participate may do so.

The beginning of the intonement is inviting the Power of God to flow in ever-widening waves into the etheric envelope of the Earth's atmosphere. As each DIvine Office is invoked, we envision the energy of this Source joining the great stream of humanity's blessing. We think of this River of Benediction as containing the seeds of peace, unity and progress. We realize It as a cleansing current that renews the Christ Presence in civilization.

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