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Addressing God

Drawing Power from all Seven Aspects

Opening yourself to the full Presence of God

The most important part of praying is for you to recognize Whom you address. When you approach the Presence of God, you want to look up inwardly to see and feel what is there confronting you. Focus your full attention on stating God's name in reverence and adoration—Divine God Presence. This opens a door into the vastness of God. Visualize the brightness of His Light, the depth of His Intelligence and His Love that is beyond your comprehension.

After a pause, in the same way of wanting an impression of the Presence, you say the name of Lord Christ. Think of Him and of your sacred obligation and responsibility in addressing Him by name. Picture Him as He might be in heaven. There is something that rebounds to you, perhaps being aware that you are on a new level of consciousness or sensing some expression of the Christ.

Video: Know to Whom you are Addressing

Depending upon the prayer, we might simply call out to God, our Lord Christ or perhaps the Holy Trinity. Flower taught the importance as well to invoke all seven aspects of God at times to encompass the immensity and diversity of the Divine. Pronouncing each name links you with the power you are addressing.

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Invoking the Seven Aspects of God in Prayer and Meditation

What is the best way to intone and visualize the God Presence when beginning prayer or meditation?

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