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Keys to Effective Prayer

Strengthening our Thought Forms

On bended knee before God

Prayer is an artform that touches the wavelengths of God as a painter intuitively adds color to the canvas.

Video: A Prayer of Inspiration

There is nothing like prayer through which the chemistry of spirit becomes active within us.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, Invocation: The Gate of Heaven's Holiness and Peace

Prayer is a direct line of communication with the Godhead, and it should be approached in the spirit of expectation, sincerity and deepest faith. It is the greatest gift we can give to one another as it brings a benediction on both the giver and the receiver. Prayer means direct access to God. Every time we pray with sincerity, the overtones of His Spirit reach us. We sense a regenerative, quickening, and purifying current flowing from other spheres of our inward being. Each time we give ourselves to its practice, we should strive to reach the depth and height within us, expanding us. As we improve and grow in our efforts, the prayer carries a greater vibrant quality of Light that strengthens and intensifies the archetype formed in that offering.

Our prayers should be brief, leaving the consciousness open at the end for God's thought and direction to be impressed upon our mind. It is important to greet the Presence with sincerity, love and adoration.

There is a statement that is made in The Cloud of Unknowing, 'Short prayer pierceth the heavens.' And it does, especially when it is well uttered.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, The Inner Dimension of Prayer

Helpful Prayer Reminders

  • Enter silence before praying to connect with Whom you are about to address
  • Always pray to God and our Lord Christ first before addressing other Workers of Light like Angels or Masters
  • Pray first for others before your needs
  • If possible, always get permission from the person you would like to pray for
  • Visualize what you are praying about
  • Remove your will over a desired outcome to allow God's Will to come through

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