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A thought form created through prayer or positive thinking

An archetype is a distinct thought form, or blueprint, with a recognizable image to it. When we think clearly about a plan or an object of desire, our thoughts form an archetype that resembles the purpose of our thoughts. Every visualization during prayer or meditation wherein we idealize a pattern, symbol, or spiritual concept also creates an archetype of that ideal. The size and the detail of an archetype depends on the clarity and strength of our mental visualization. This is the highest use to be made of imagination. Our creative minds are guided by the Truth we have unfolded. Wholesome spiritual teachings stimulate the mind to create patterns of vitality and beauty.

Archetypes influence us tremendously when they are in our mental bodies and in our auras. This type of thought form gives off energy that will work to manifest its purpose on the physical level. A well-formed archetype will assist a prayer, a dream, a longing, or a great desire that is constructive, to come into fruition. It is through inner means that we make contact with our purpose. We learn that thoughts are things and wield mighty control. If we do not learn to visualize, our ideals will not move forward spiritually. This ability is not only crucial to our lives on this physical plane but on the Inner Planes. Many people are vague in their abilities to form mental images; they cannot produce archetypes. In the Halls of Learning in the Higher Realms the discipline of clear thinking is taught. This is a vital ability for people who aspire to do work for the Hierarchy.

An Artist's prayer for creative attunement and the Holy Spirit's answer

You see, to waste time in long prayers is just foolish. He already knows our needs, but in order for a prayer archetype or thought form to manifest, to be designed by our praying, we must say that prayer and ask God's blessing upon it.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, The Inner Dimension of Prayer

The Power of Our Thoughts and Visualization

Metaphysical truth stresses we are to think constructively not only because it is right to think that way, but because our thoughts are so influential and creative. Our thoughts have power. When we are angry, Flower has described what might look like lightning bolts coming out of our thoughts. Have you ever felt someone's anger before they have really expressed it to you? These are the thought forms influencing the environment coming from our thoughts. They carry energy toward the manifestation of the ideal or thought for which it was created. How important it is to keep our thoughts constructive!

Every time we experience an emotional reaction, positive or negative, or have a thought or idea, this activity creates a symbolic representation...If one is lying, the aura is gray on the plane associated with the untruth, as is the thought form issuing forth. If one is angry, the color tone is dark red. Love makes our astral bodies radiate pink, along with a flow of beautiful pink-tinted thought forms. Moments of reverence and devotion give rise to luminous blue thought forms and similar changes in our auras.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, Insights Into Reality

A thought form created through devotion to God

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