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Sharing Nature Experiences

A growing place to connect with God through the Beauty of nature

Here is a collection of Questhaven Academy short stories, poems, and experiences of God reaching us in nature. Please submit your own sharing with our community that we might all be lifted.

A Chinese Pistache in the fall near the chapel at Questhaven

Reminding Me to Be Like A Tree

by Deva-Marie Beck

A tiniest wind blew by my head
To touch the tree who welcomed me
A few leaves ready to make their fall
Released so easily to the ground
To begin their renewal of the earth
One fell gently on my arm
Reminding me to be like a tree
And then the air was still again
A bird song then to hear
And then the sounds of passers-by
My tree had stood by thousands more
The strength, the standing, silent sound
A patience still and sure
Relaxed into this gentleness
Reminding me to be like a tree

A Pepper Tree near Chapelito at Questhaven

My Giving Tree

by Reverend Elizabeth Wood

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Share your own nature experience with us.