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Understanding Christian Mysticism

The Christ Path of Love and Devotion

Inspiration Point

To understand mysticism, we must experience it. Mysticism is a path of direct and first-hand knowing of God. The way is long, the path is steep, yet none is so joyous. On the mystical path, when individuals are sincere, an Inner Light begins to glow within them, the very light of the Spirit of their consecration. This is because the individual has broken through their own barriers. They have let the light shine through because the desire for God has eclipsed their own self-love. It has enabled them to forget self and to be recovered, as it were, in God.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, Christian Mysticism: Collected Works of Flower A. Newhouse (Vol. 1)

Video: What Should Mysticism Mean to You?

Every day individuals face the challenges of whether to keep their spiritual knowledge in cold storage or whether to use it ever freshly and inspiredly. Advancement is not made by leaps and bounds, but point by point up the vertical ladder of consciousness. Through many ages humanity has worshiped Divinity, but their worship consisted mainly of belief. However, there were always rare souls who transcended belief by their entering the higher state of consciousness called spiritual awareness. Out from these exceptional souls flowed a Light that fed the feeble efforts of less conscious souls.

We move in spiritual consciousness from belief and spiritual trust to inner realization of Divine Presence. In other words, we move from surface acceptance to acceptance from the spiritual core, or center, of our inner beings.

Whoever tries to realize God must come to mysticism. To be a mystic is to yearn for the Divine like a drowning man longs for air, to want God for Himself alone—not for His gifts nor for His greatness, but because He is God.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, The Quest

In mysticism we come upon the term rebinding. It is a description of humanity's nature being bound again to the Presence and Will of God. We also come frequently upon the term regeneration. This brings man into courageous single-mindedness and to a depth of inner understanding.

To know God firsthand is the feat of highest attainment, one worthy of incarnation. Mysticism is a path of attainment that leads to the Divine Reality and enables one to attain in this lifetime, blessedness of contact with the Highest.

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