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Healing Meditations

Entering God's Grace and Love

The healing waters of meditation

Health forms the basis of a fertile meditation. We consider the kind of health we possess and then we contrast this with the health we idealize. We creatively consider the spiritual and practical steps we may take to help the ideal become alive in us. Let us think about the healthiest persons we have known, either personally or professionally. Appreciating their vigor and wholeness opens us to the same flow of vitality and state of attainment. Thought likewise should be given to mental health. Adverse mental habits such as worry, fear, exaggeration, or fantasy should be surrendered, and in their place habits of strong faith, truthfulness, and reality should be encouraged. Reflections upon mentally sound persons we know and upon the principles of good mental hygiene are most strengthening to our mental bodies.

Bringing Light to Our Physical Bodies

This meditation sets the tone of preparing our physical vehicle to desire healing by opening up to and welcoming in the Light.

Video: Bringing Light to Our Physical Bodies

Working with Healing Angels

Concentration with the Angels of Healing

We concentrate together upon the meaning and the mystery of the Angels of Healing. We know that They too are in our atmosphere, as They are equally present wherever there is need in churches, in hospitals and homes. These selfless ones, radiant, blue-robed in auric powers, now send into us as we invite Them, the gifts of strengthening.

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