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The Importance of Meditation

The Way of Attainment

Meditating by the Sea, Unsplash

A thinker's weight is in their thought, not in their tread.

Giving Our Thoughts to God

Perhaps the most significant thought that comes to us when we first start our inner studies is that we are so responsible for our thinking and our thinking needs to be improved and it needs to be heightened.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Humanity’s Need for Meditation

When do you think your highest?

Meditation is the process of learning how to think with God. As soon as we enter the deeper studies of Christian thought, we discover how important it is that we think constructively. For a long time we are careful about how we express our thoughts verbally. Within our mental bodies though, the same old thoughts of indignation, censure, and fantasy mingle with the higher thinking we strive to do. The time must come when our thoughts will be so cleansed and carefully selected that they are charged with goodwill and helpfulness toward everyone and everything.

Henry Thoreau has something important to say on this matter of our thinking. He wrote:

We should treat our minds as innocent and ingenuous children whose guardians we are—being careful what objects and what subjects we thrust on their attention.... Every thought that passes through the mind helps to wear and tear it, and to deepen the ruts, which, as in the streets of Pompeii, evince how much it has been used. How many things there are concerning which we might well deliberate whether we had better know them!

I catch myself philosophizing most abstractly when first returning to consciousness in the night or morning. I make the truest observations and distinctions then, when the will is yet wholly asleep and the mind works like a machine without friction. I am conscious of having, in my sleep, transcended the limits of the individual, and made observations and carried on conversations which in my waking hours I can neither recall nor appreciate—as if in sleep our individuality fell into the infinite mind, and at the moment of waking we found ourselves on the confines of the latter.

A wonderful meditation place

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