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The Basics of Meditation

Thinking a thought through with God

A meditative outlook over Questhaven Retreat's Dam

Silence, prayer, meditation, and contemplation naturalize us to the world of God. To become citizens of the Eternal in these outer bodies we must have love and loyalty for the realities of Deity. In consciousness we can enter the frontiers of the superphysical and from that level draw our strength and our certainties.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, The Quest

Meditation is concentrated thought upon a spiritual subject. It is mentally carrying through a sequence of creative ideas and devoting them to specific purposes. This practice is not concentration upon a symbol, nor is it trying to make our minds completely blank. Rather, it is the following of a diagram of thought, through its every branch, until a conclusion is reached.

The mind is very important, but it is not all-important. And yet we must begin with it. So whenever we are prone to want to skip meditations, we should remind ourselves that we are wasting our mental essences. We are practicing regression. We are growing less and not more. That is exactly what happens when the mind is not controlled and when we are not reaching out toward the glorious circumferences of ever-expanding truth.

Meditation is the way to the Within.

Western Approach to Meditation

Christian mystics regard meditation as a favorable way to think deeply upon an ideal or a spiritual principle. The Western approach does not belittle physical existence, but it offers methods and techniques for accomplishing changes and transformations in being and living here and now.

This approach to meditation contains many benefits:

  1. It is a discipline and training of the mind.
  2. It is a preparation for living which flows from spiritual dedication.
  3. It forms a concerted approach to the superphysical threshold and its Presences, Powers, and Truths which altogether exert a tremendous, instructive influence.

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