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Coming in Step with Christ Through Caring

Life Lessons

Coming in Step with Caring

Has anyone ever reached out to you thoughtfully out of the blue that lifted your whole day? This class is part of a series of studies that explore life lessons that bring us back on the path with Christ. The very subject of caring puts us directly into the stream of Christ's spiritual love which helps us see the jewel in one another. The teacher shares personal experiences from her life that helped her awaken to a deeper level of caring. Along with quotes and examples, she invites one to find deeper ways that they can become more caring in life.

This class was part of a Lenten series leading toward Easter.

This course is open to anyone. If you wish to receive credit for this class, you'll be required to complete all aspects of the lesson including Study, Experience, Practice and Share.

Lizz Lang, Instructor

Prerequisites: None

Life Credits: 1

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