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Spiritualizing Our Home

God at the Head of Your Home

Bringing God's blessing into our homes

Is God at the head of your home? Our yearning to have God more a part of our lives in all places leads us eventually to our homes. This class is designed for anyone who desires the aura of their dwelling place to be more wholesome, reverent, loving, kind and radiant—a place where our Lord Christ's Light shines and lifts all those who enter its space.

This class includes one lesson on Spiritualizing Our Homes.

This course is open to anyone. If you wish to receive credit for this class, you'll be required to complete all aspects of the lesson including Study, Experience, Practice and Share.

Laurel Rivera, Instructor

Prerequisites: None

Life Credits: 1

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Laurel Rivera is a life-long truth seeker and knew she had found her 'forever' spiritual family after reading Flower's biography ''Songs from the House of Pilgrimage.'' Since coming to Questhaven in 1998, she has served in several areas, including coordinating retreats, the Friday Prayer service, and is part of the welcoming team for the Sunday Service. She holds close to her heart the value of spiritual community where people can come together to pray and grow and support each other in serving the Christ Cause.