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The Importance of Choice

Our Great Gift and Responsibility

A choice presented at the fork in the road

Our Creator has bestowed us with the great gift of free will, yet how we use it is an even greater responsibility. While it can lead us to higher heights along life's path, the freedom of choice can also be our undoing, for every choice we make, no matter how great or how small, is leading us either Godward or toward self. How do we become more conscious of the choices we make?

This class includes three lessons on The Importance of Choice—Waking Up to Our Choices, Understanding Free Will and The Art of Discernment.

This course is open to anyone. If you wish to receive credit for this class, you'll be required to complete all aspects of the lesson including Study, Experience, Practice and Share.

Merrily Boult, Instructor

Prerequisites: None

Life Credits: 3

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Merrily Boult grew up at Questhaven and has followed Flower's teachings all of her life. She, along with her husband, Richard, are active participants in the Ministry. Merrily currently serves as bookkeeper, is a member of both vocal and handbell choirs, and a regular guest speaker for the Sunday services. She also is involved in the online Academy training program as both student and coach. Merrily feels deeply grateful for the Questhaven community, which has become an extension of family, and encourages her to live a more dedicated life.