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The Value of Seeking Solitude in Nature

Finding Enlightenment in Nature

The Value of Seeking Solitude in Nature

Flower A. Newhouse reminds us that if we are to be illumined we must be very familiar with solitude. It isn't until we create an island of space in consciousness and being that we begin to touch this higher experience. What better place to explore this opportunity than in the mountain wilderness.

This class includes one lesson on The Value of Seeking Solitude in Nature.

This course is open to anyone. If you wish to receive credit for this class, you'll be required to complete all aspects of the lesson including Study, Experience, Practice and Share.

Richard Boult, Instructor

Prerequisites: None

Life Credits: 1

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Richard Boult, a retired software engineer, is a longtime follower of Flower A. Newhouse. As an active participant in the Ministry, Richard volunteers maintaining Questhaven's website and nature trails, and in leading its Nature Services.