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The topic most dear to Flower A. Newhouse's heart was that of the Angel Kingdom. She has left the world some of the most detailed and enlightening insights into these Shining Messengers of God. Enjoy a growing collection of her works on the Angels.

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Angels of Nature

Book ChaptersAngels of Nature

By Flower A. Newhouse, edited by Dr. Stephen Isaac

This remarkable book focuses upon the four realms of the nature kingdom: earth, air, water, and fire. It includes illuminating descriptions of the many different beings and activities observed by Flower Newhouse. This classic in its field is one of the rare volumes that describe Angels and nature beings in detail, including their hierarchical order. It contains a number of illustrations of these presences by Questhaven artist Jonathan Wiltshire.

PDFRediscovering the Angels
PDFNature’s Open Door
PDFThe Realm of Earth
PDFThe Realm of Air
PDFThe Realm of Water
PDFThe Realm of Fire
PDFAngels and the Animal Kingdom
PDFFinding Enlightenment Through Nature

One Day with the Angels and Devas

PDFOne Day with the Angels and Devas

By Elizabeth Wood

We know that there are Angels in every order of life and service. There are more orders than we will ever learn about in this lifetime, and there are larger numbers than our minds could conceive. This booklet by Rev. Elizabeth Wood explores a day in your life and all the Angels and devas you encounter.

Touched by Angels

Book ChaptersTouched by Angels

By Flower A. Newhouse and Dr. Stephen Isaac

How do Angels influence our everyday life? How do They intervene in our daily tasks[dash]in our relationships, with our children, or our problems at work? Flower A. Newhouse is one of those very special people who has lived and worked with Angels for more than half a century and has written extensively about her experiences and her understanding. In this, her latest book, she presents a comprehensive perspective on the many ways Angels communicate and work with us. She also gives some simple techniques to help us inititate contact with Angels ourselves.

PDFForeword and About the Author
PDFThe Kingdom of Angels
PDFAngels of Destiny
PDFThe Gateway of Birth and the Awakening
PDFAngels Serving The Christ
PDFAngels of the Holy Spirit
PDFWarrior Angels, Amenlee Angels, and Angels of Transition
PDFCommuning with Angels
PDFAngels Touching Us