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Exploring Truth

Christward Ministry Publications

Truth is a great adventure. One that we plunge into only to find it is ever pulling us forward. It has various depths and levels, moving us from practical applications to mystical ones. Each step necessary in our climb with Christ Godward. We need to look for truth in every challenge, every test, with the help of God. Wisdom comes when truth is working through us that we have received from various levels, as we are finding greater paths and depths and challenges inviting us ever onward and upward.

The religion we speak about is not humanity's religion, it is God's truth and may that always absorb us and possess us, use us and bring us to ever widening degrees of realization
bioFlower A. Newhouse, The Wisdom Religion: The Deep and Inclusive Aspect of Christ's Religion

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Christward Vol. 1

PDFChristward Vol. 1

By Flower A. Newhouse

Written in 1938, this book has many of the key spiritual concepts that formed the Christward Ministry.

  • Regeneration Through Christ
  • The Spirit of God
  • The Christ Spirit
  • The Holy Spirit
  • The Unfoldment of Christhood
  • The Christ Cause
  • The Work Before Us.

God Within and God Unfolded

PDFGod Within and God Unfolded

By Flower A. Newhouse

Life is a movement toward the goal of mastership. An evolutionary program impells the advancement, improvement, and mastery of ourselves and our talents. The supreme endeavor of progress is to cause every person to become Adepts in the art of spiritual advancement and the use of spiritual powers.

  • God Within and God Unfolded
  • Initiation

Here Are Your Answers (Vol. 1)

Book ChaptersHere Are Your Answers (Vol. 1)

By Flower A. Newhouse

Question and answers with Flower A. Newhouse, a Christian mystic and clairvoyant, were some of the most popular events at Questhaven. This volumes is part of a series of three that features some of those questions and answers on a wide range of subjects for the sincere truth-seeker. Click on the title to see the many topics that you can explore.

PDFHealth and Healing
PDFHigher Beings
PDFHuman Relationships
PDFReligious Philosophy

Seven Paths Upward

PDFSeven Paths Upward

By Flower A. Newhouse

In our spiritual studies, we find that in the beginning God pressed out of that aspect of Himself which was unmanifested, pristine spirits who required awakening. These God-spirits, under Divine influence, projected a special radiation of energy which was enabled to create bodies in those various dimensions into which these Virgin Beings were led to enter.

  • The Seven Rays of Life
  • Chart of the Seven Rays
  • Summary of Ray Qualities
  • Examples of the Seven Divisions
  • Diagram of the Wheel of Life
  • Unity in Diversity.



By Flower A. Newhouse

Just as every outer government on this globe has its capital where every department of human activity is represented. is it not reasonable to suppose that there would likewise be an area on the Inner Planes in which the spiritual headquarters for the invisible guidance of mankind on this planet would also be centered? Shamballa is that seat of the Invisible Government of our planet.

The Armor of the Spiritual Life

Book ChaptersThe Armor of the Spiritual Life

By Flower A. Newhouse

Originally published in 1948, this five chapter book gives us insight into the spiritual laws and techniques that can help us integrate Truth into our lives. This is a wonderful introduction to Flower A. Newhouse and the way of mysticism.

PDFThe Armor of Prayer
PDFThe Armor of Meditation
PDFThe Armor of Spiritual Techniques
PDFThe Armor of Spiritual Laws
PDFSpiritual Integration

The Headwaters of Spirit in Man

PDFThe Headwaters of Spirit in Man

By Flower A. Newhouse

This booklet talks about our higher vehicles of spirit that are within us.

  • The Headwaters of Spirit in Man
  • The Adonai or 'I Am of God' Self
  • The Divine Indwelling Presence

The Holy Gift

PDFThe Holy Gift

By Flower A. Newhouse

Wise Men established the custom of presenting gifts at Christmas-time. They sought the infant Jesus and laid their gifts before Him, not that gifts were expected of them. but because they wanted to give out of the fullness of their love and wisdom to the Incarnating Christ. The Wise One within us has always wished to give the Lord Christ a meaningful tribute, but time-worn habits crowded out the preferences of the Inner Man.

The Journey Upward

Book ChaptersThe Journey Upward

By Flower A. Newhouse, edited by Athene Bengtson

A compilation of 15 of Flower A. Newhouse's writings from booklets. Each chapter of this book is meant to help one better understand the upward journey to perfection.

PDFThe Chalice
PDFPreparation for Birth and Death
PDFFinding Enlightenment Through Nature
PDFCreative Healing
PDFMeditation: the Way to Attainment
PDFGod Within and God Unfolded
PDFThought Does It
PDFThe Aura
PDFSeven Paths Upward
PDFShamballa, the Golden City of the Inner Planes
PDFObjective: Rebirth