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Living the Life

Christward Ministry Publications

Discipleship is key to our spiritual growth. It is where we make active all our ideals and truths that we study. In simple terms, Flower A. Newhouse referred to this as Living the LIfe. The volumes in this section support our efforts in this regards.

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A Measure of Days

Book ChaptersA Measure of Days

By Flower A. Newhouse

Designed as a book for daily insight, this book includes a spiritual gem for each day of the year from the journals of Flower A. Newhouse. They cover a wide range of subjects. Persons struggling with everyday problems and trying to live a spiritual life will find this book rewarding.

PDFJournal: January 1 to December 31

Aspiring Toward Good Stewardship

PDFAspiring Toward Good Stewardship

By Flower A. Newhouse

The time has come when all spiritually minded individuals should consider their attitudes and habits concerning their supply and their productivity. How they work with great spiritual realities and ideals? For some time, in this Ministry, we have taught that four symbols well portray man's general attitude towards money. Most persons are representative of one of these types. Only one of these symbols is ideal.

  • The Closed Hand
  • The Sieve
  • The Measuring Containers
  • The Ever-Renewing Pool

Christward Vol. 1

PDFChristward Vol. 1

By Flower A. Newhouse

Written in 1938, this book has many of the key spiritual concepts that formed the Christward Ministry.

  • Regeneration Through Christ
  • The Spirit of God
  • The Christ Spirit
  • The Holy Spirit
  • The Unfoldment of Christhood
  • The Christ Cause
  • The Work Before Us.

Christward Vol. 2

PDFChristward Vol. 2

By Flower A. Newhouse

  • The Life of Preparation
  • Faith
  • Healing
  • The Healing Technique
  • The Esotericism of The Christ

Christward Vol. 3

PDFChristward Vol. 3

By Flower A. Newhouse

  • Vital Forms of Spiritual Assistance
  • Various Forms of Meditation
  • Contacting God Indwelling
  • The Mystery of Nature
  • Esoteric Christianity

How Obedient Are You

PDFHow Obedient Are You

By Elizabeth Wood

As we move along the path of evolution, obedience might be the most difficult of the disciplines required of us. To be truly obedient to higher authority we must not only be teachable, but we must be humble.

Objective Rebirth

PDFObjective Rebirth

By Flower A. Newhouse

While the theme of this booklet is especially appropriate at Easter time, its application is definitely not limited to one brief season of the year. If you wish to gain the utmost value from these shared treasures, set aside a week (or longer period) during which you consider yourself as being on a Pilgrimage of Rebirth. Your decision to devote seven Holy Days to the redirecting of your life's purposefulness will make every day thereafter a Holy Day of Discovery you will cherish with gladness always. An entirely new life can begin for you at any moment you decide!

  • The Quest for Realization
  • The Key to Preparation
  • How to Improve your Aura
  • Objective-Rebirth



By Flower A. Newhouse

Were someone to ask you to name the greatest danger to the spiritual life, what would you answer? Our reply would be that it is the complex ities of everyday living that rob us of our peace and the consciousness of growth.

  • The Conquest of Complexity
  • The Value of Simplicity

Songs of Deliverance

Book ChaptersSongs of Deliverance

By Flower A. Newhouse

This book is a volume of wealth in succinct lessons on developing consciousness and character that will enable you to realize Christian discipleship in your own life. The variety of topics is each bright with insights and practical instruction.

PDFMan’s Inner Potentials
PDFLife’s Highest Adventure
PDFAttaining Spiritual Consciousness
PDFOur Priceless Treasure
PDFSafeguarding Our Treasure
PDFThe Mind Can Be Renewed
PDFGood Creates Its Own Impetus
PDFMan’s Choice of the Good
PDFUse Words Constructively
PDFThe Rules of the Game
PDFMeeting Spiritual Crossroads
PDFThe Necessity of Self-Control
PDFMan As An Instrument
PDFThe Importance of Doing
PDFA New Chapter of Life
PDFMeeting Life Constructively
PDFActive Growth
PDFRe-Creative Living
PDFEarning God’s Blessing
PDFSpiritual Identification
PDFGod’s Presence In Our Midst
PDFEvery Man An Awakener
PDFGod Has A Plan of Life
PDFOur Part In Fullfilling The Plan
PDFSpiritual Healing
PDFInsights Into Health and Disease
PDFMan’s Preparation For Healing
PDFThe Achievement of Wholeness
PDFPerpetual Self-Renewal
PDFAt-One-Ment With Nature
PDFSpiritualizing Our Homes
PDFMeasuring Our Application of Truth
PDFThe Fount of Meditation
PDFOur Daily Opportunity-Meditation
PDFAchieving Stillness
PDFThe Conquest of Egocentricity
PDFThe Infinite Within Man
PDFToward Increasing Devotion
PDFCreative Meditation
PDFPrelude to Prayer
PDFFacing Life’s Unfinished Business
PDFMan and the Elder Brothers
PDFRecipients of the Light
PDFThe Magic of Rediscovery
PDFSteps Toward Discipleship
PDFMastery the Splendid Necessity
PDFThe Value of Esoteric Teachings
PDFA Practical View of Rebirth
PDFConscious Evolution
PDFPreparation for Illumination
PDFExperiences of Initiation
PDFStages to Illumination
PDFTransitions of Consciousness
PDFThe Necessary Second Birth
PDFThe Alchemical Power of Spirit
PDFIf I Were to Live Again
PDFNew Year Potentialities

The Magic of Faith

PDFThe Magic of Faith

By Flower A. Newhouse

  • Second only to man's love for God is his faith in the Divine Supremacy which creates and guides minute and cosmic universes. Reverence for the Supreme Spirit develops character
  • faith in that Influence induces works, self-conquest, and individual as well as world progress.

The School of Life

PDFThe School of Life

By Flower A. Newhouse

Life is a school where strange and difficult lessons are taught. The term for learning is a lifetime in which no holidays or vacations are given. Flower A. Newhouse uses this thought to relate our spiritual journey Godward.

  • Life as a School
  • Your Place in the School
  • Concluding the Grades

The Way of Discipleship to Christ

Book ChaptersThe Way of Discipleship to Christ

By Dr. Stephen Isaac

This text presents the essential teaching and disciplines of The Christward Ministry that underlie the training program of Questhaven Academy. It outlines the mystery teachings of Christianity as presented to the band of seventy, and the twelve disciplines comprising the Way as revealed and exemplified by Rev. Flower A. Newhouse. It includes a chapter on Carl Jung's psychology of individuation and its relationship to discipleship.

PDFAbout Questhaven Academy
PDFThe Way of Discipleship to Christ
PDFThe Mystery Teachings
PDFThe Disciplines
PDFThe Psychology of Individuation