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Preparation for Holy Days

Christward Ministry Publications

There is great energy and spiritual baptisms that are flowing into this planet, particularly during spiritual festivals and Holy days. These books help deepen our understanding of these events that we might receive the most from them.

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Objective Rebirth

PDFObjective Rebirth

By Flower A. Newhouse

While the theme of this booklet is especially appropriate at Easter time, its application is definitely not limited to one brief season of the year. If you wish to gain the utmost value from these shared treasures, set aside a week (or longer period) during which you consider yourself as being on a Pilgrimage of Rebirth. Your decision to devote seven Holy Days to the redirecting of your life's purposefulness will make every day thereafter a Holy Day of Discovery you will cherish with gladness always. An entirely new life can begin for you at any moment you decide!

  • The Quest for Realization
  • The Key to Preparation
  • How to Improve your Aura
  • Objective-Rebirth

Preparation for Holy Week

PDFPreparation for Holy Week

By Flower A. Newhouse

Teachings on Preparation for Holy Week by Flower A. Newhouse compiled by Lucy Wold.

The Sacred Heart of Christmas

Book ChaptersThe Sacred Heart of Christmas

By Flower A. Newhouse, edited by Athene Bengtson

A compilation of the true meaning and wonder of Christmas shared by Flower A. Newhouse. Her descriptions of the Christ procession which takes place on our planet every Christmas Eve bring holiness of the Christ celebration into the reader's heart.

PDFGifts of Love
PDFThe Symbols of Christmas
PDFThe Mystery of Christ
PDFThe Holiness of Advent
PDFThe Mystery of Christmas
PDFA Christmas Garland

Through Lent to Resurrection

Book ChaptersThrough Lent to Resurrection

By Flower A. Newhouse, edited by Athene Bengtson

A book of gleanings from the teachings of Flower A. Newhouse on the subject of Lenten preparation for Easter and its purpose and power.

PDFThe Holiness of Lent
PDFThe Symbols of Easter
PDFThe Feast Days of Lent
PDFEaster All Year
PDFAn Easter Bouquet