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Where to Begin?

Christward Ministry Publications

The question is often asked "Where do I begin?"

Flower A. Newhouse regularly recommended her book, Songs of Deliverance, as a good place to start. We have added The Armor of the Spiritual Life and The Way of Discipleship with Christ as they give a good overview of the teachings of The Christward Ministry.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Lao Tzu

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Songs of Deliverance

Book ChaptersSongs of Deliverance

By Flower A. Newhouse

This book is a volume of wealth in succinct lessons on developing consciousness and character that will enable you to realize Christian discipleship in your own life. The variety of topics is each bright with insights and practical instruction.

PDFMan’s Inner Potentials
PDFLife’s Highest Adventure
PDFAttaining Spiritual Consciousness
PDFOur Priceless Treasure
PDFSafeguarding Our Treasure
PDFThe Mind Can Be Renewed
PDFGood Creates Its Own Impetus
PDFMan’s Choice of the Good
PDFUse Words Constructively
PDFThe Rules of the Game
PDFMeeting Spiritual Crossroads
PDFThe Necessity of Self-Control
PDFMan As An Instrument
PDFThe Importance of Doing
PDFA New Chapter of Life
PDFMeeting Life Constructively
PDFActive Growth
PDFRe-Creative Living
PDFEarning God’s Blessing
PDFSpiritual Identification
PDFGod’s Presence In Our Midst
PDFEvery Man An Awakener
PDFGod Has A Plan of Life
PDFOur Part In Fullfilling The Plan
PDFSpiritual Healing
PDFInsights Into Health and Disease
PDFMan’s Preparation For Healing
PDFThe Achievement of Wholeness
PDFPerpetual Self-Renewal
PDFAt-One-Ment With Nature
PDFSpiritualizing Our Homes
PDFMeasuring Our Application of Truth
PDFThe Fount of Meditation
PDFOur Daily Opportunity-Meditation
PDFAchieving Stillness
PDFThe Conquest of Egocentricity
PDFThe Infinite Within Man
PDFToward Increasing Devotion
PDFCreative Meditation
PDFPrelude to Prayer
PDFFacing Life’s Unfinished Business
PDFMan and the Elder Brothers
PDFRecipients of the Light
PDFThe Magic of Rediscovery
PDFSteps Toward Discipleship
PDFMastery the Splendid Necessity
PDFThe Value of Esoteric Teachings
PDFA Practical View of Rebirth
PDFConscious Evolution
PDFPreparation for Illumination
PDFExperiences of Initiation
PDFStages to Illumination
PDFTransitions of Consciousness
PDFThe Necessary Second Birth
PDFThe Alchemical Power of Spirit
PDFIf I Were to Live Again
PDFNew Year Potentialities

The Armor of the Spiritual Life

Book ChaptersThe Armor of the Spiritual Life

By Flower A. Newhouse

Originally published in 1948, this five chapter book gives us insight into the spiritual laws and techniques that can help us integrate Truth into our lives. This is a wonderful introduction to Flower A. Newhouse and the way of mysticism.

PDFThe Armor of Prayer
PDFThe Armor of Meditation
PDFThe Armor of Spiritual Techniques
PDFThe Armor of Spiritual Laws
PDFSpiritual Integration

The Way of Discipleship to Christ

Book ChaptersThe Way of Discipleship to Christ

By Dr. Stephen Isaac

This text presents the essential teaching and disciplines of The Christward Ministry that underlie the training program of Questhaven Academy. It outlines the mystery teachings of Christianity as presented to the band of seventy, and the twelve disciplines comprising the Way as revealed and exemplified by Rev. Flower A. Newhouse. It includes a chapter on Carl Jung's psychology of individuation and its relationship to discipleship.

PDFAbout Questhaven Academy
PDFThe Way of Discipleship to Christ
PDFThe Mystery Teachings
PDFThe Disciplines
PDFThe Psychology of Individuation