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Practical Tools

Christward Ministry Publications

We all appreciate a good tool to help us when there is work to be done. Our spiritual journey is no different. This section focuses on spiritual techniques and tools like meditation and prayer that can help us deepen our connection with our Lord Christ and support our steps Godward..

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A Prayer for Personal Safety

PDFA Prayer for Personal Safety

By Flower A. Newhouse

Through the living power of Christ, I pray that a vigorous, permanent, triple ring-pass-not of protective White Light encircle me on all the seven-fold levels of being.

Christward Vol. 2

PDFChristward Vol. 2

By Flower A. Newhouse

  • The Life of Preparation
  • Faith
  • Healing
  • The Healing Technique
  • The Esotericism of The Christ

Christward Vol. 3

PDFChristward Vol. 3

By Flower A. Newhouse

  • Vital Forms of Spiritual Assistance
  • Various Forms of Meditation
  • Contacting God Indwelling
  • The Mystery of Nature
  • Esoteric Christianity

Creative Healing

PDFCreative Healing

By Flower A. Newhouse

Master K tells us, ''There is in each of you a heaven you are not touching-a place of monumental powers, a region wherein there is energy you need and the means by which your bodies may be re-formed again and again.''

  • Hidden Aspects of Healing
  • Mysteries of Creative Prayer
  • Effective Spiritual Treatments

Meditation Is an Adventure

PDFMeditation Is an Adventure

By Flower A. Newhouse

Since consciousness is continually creative and active, each persons should desire to supply his thoughts with the best means possible for sound growth. We human beings are constantly thinking. Whether what we think is developing, deepening, and improving us, depends upon the kind of training and direction we give our minds. Meditation constructively trains our thoughts.

Occult Keys to Effective Prayer

PDFOccult Keys to Effective Prayer

By Flower A. Newhouse

Do you always feel satisfied that you have prayed in such a way as to reach the Headwaters of the Divinely Creative Spirit? To pray and to deal with realities of spiriitual origin we have always to strip ourselves of trivialities, impurities, or burdening matters of our external affairs.

Prayers of a Mystic

Book ChaptersPrayers of a Mystic

By Flower A. Newhouse, edited by Pamela Boult

Consider prayer to be your most blessed time of holy communication with the Eternal Presence; want to pray. Be interested in others and be vitally concerned about their victories over their weaknesses. When you pray, be creative; think new thoughts. Pray with your whole interest in sharp focus. Confront God, and speak only to God.

PDFCommuning with God
PDFPrayers of a Mystic

Spiritualizing Our Homes

PDFSpiritualizing Our Homes

By Flower A. Newhouse

Too many persons omit the Divine Spirit from their minutes, hours, labors and events. Spiritualizing our homes means that we are constantly demonstrating that God is truly the Head of our home and at the forefront of our lives.

Thought Does It!

PDFThought Does It!

By Flower A. Newhouse

  • Thought Ordains
  • The Springboard of Forethought
  • Mechanics of Thought Direction
  • Adventures in Meditation
  • The Time Element
  • From Seed to Harvest