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Nature and Animals

Christward Ministry Publications

Reverence for all life. The universal love of God flows through all forms of Creation. The section focuses on those volumes that help us understand more deeply our spiritual evolution and role together.

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Angels of Nature

Book ChaptersAngels of Nature

By Flower A. Newhouse, edited by Dr. Stephen Isaac

This remarkable book focuses upon the four realms of the nature kingdom: earth, air, water, and fire. It includes illuminating descriptions of the many different beings and activities observed by Flower Newhouse. This classic in its field is one of the rare volumes that describe Angels and nature beings in detail, including their hierarchical order. It contains a number of illustrations of these presences by Questhaven artist Jonathan Wiltshire.

PDFRediscovering the Angels
PDFNature’s Open Door
PDFThe Realm of Earth
PDFThe Realm of Air
PDFThe Realm of Water
PDFThe Realm of Fire
PDFAngels and the Animal Kingdom
PDFFinding Enlightenment Through Nature

Christward Vol. 3

PDFChristward Vol. 3

By Flower A. Newhouse

  • Vital Forms of Spiritual Assistance
  • Various Forms of Meditation
  • Contacting God Indwelling
  • The Mystery of Nature
  • Esoteric Christianity

Finding Enlightenment Through Nature

PDFFinding Enlightenment Through Nature

By Flower A. Newhouse

Each of us desires God awareness and contact. We aspire towards this realization with ever-increasing reverence and persistence. Long have we known that Deity can be approached by many paths. The Path to God through Nature, when wisely trod, employs every faculty inherent in man.

The Journey Upward

Book ChaptersThe Journey Upward

By Flower A. Newhouse, edited by Athene Bengtson

A compilation of 15 of Flower A. Newhouse's writings from booklets. Each chapter of this book is meant to help one better understand the upward journey to perfection.

PDFThe Chalice
PDFPreparation for Birth and Death
PDFFinding Enlightenment Through Nature
PDFCreative Healing
PDFMeditation: the Way to Attainment
PDFGod Within and God Unfolded
PDFThought Does It
PDFThe Aura
PDFSeven Paths Upward
PDFShamballa, the Golden City of the Inner Planes
PDFObjective: Rebirth

These Too Shall Be Loved

Book ChaptersThese Too Shall Be Loved

By Flower A. Newhouse

For years a desire has been growing to write an account of her adventures with various animals. Clairvoyance has long enabled Flower A. Newhouse to study and appreciate this other line of evolution[dash]that of the creatures. This line is younger than the human line, but equally engrossing and endearing.

PDFThrough the Years With Pets
PDFSome Pets Have Come To Us More Than Once
PDFPets Precious To My Friends
PDFAnimals Who Are Special
PDFHelping Animals Spiritually
PDFToward A Meaningful Relationship
PDFQuestions and Answers About Animals
PDFThe Living of Compassion

Travel With Inner Perceptiveness

Book ChaptersTravel With Inner Perceptiveness

By Flower A. Newhouse

This book is an unusual book on travel written by a Christian mystic who has traveled worldwide with the express purpose of discovering nature citadels of holy power. In this volume she has shared some of her clairvoyant perceptions and impressions in these travels.

PDFForeword and Introduction
PDFSouth America, Central America and Mexico
PDFEurope and England
PDFAround the World
PDFAustralia and New Zealand
PDFShared Impressions From Several Journals