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Nazareth Area

Walk in His Footsteps

Caesarea Port

The area of Israel between Tel Aviv and Nazareth is rich in history. Since Jesus spent much of His early life in Nazareth, it has a special place in our pilgrimage. While many of the sites do not speak of a place Jesus visited, they do have much to share of Roman and Jewish heritage that give us insight into the past.

Video: Holy Land Pilgrimage: Nazareth Area


Once a Phoenician trading port, the city was originally called Straton's Tower. It was given to Herod the Great by Emperor Augustus. Later, it was named Caesarea to honor Augustus Caesar.

It has been said that King Herod wanted to appease Rome and the Jews. For the Jews he built the temple in Jerusalem. For Rome he built this port in Caesarea. The most infamous resident for a time here was Pontius Pilate, whose name was found inscribed on excavated stones of the theater. This inscription is one of the few physical pieces of evidence for Pilate's existence outside of the Bible.


Feel free to click on the images below and use your mouse to drag the picture in all directions. They are 3D photos that are meant to give you a perspective of being at the site you are viewing.

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