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Aries (March 21 to April 19)

A Most Adventurous and Outgoing Sign


The first sign of the Zodiac is that of Aries. It is governed by the fourth ray of arts and beauty.

Aries is the home of Mars, the planet of dynamic energy, and is also the exaltation sign of the life-giving Sun, hence it is a very fountain of life and vitality as manifest in the sprouting of the millions of seeds which break through the earth's crust at spring time and change the white winter garment to a flower-embroidered carpet of green, making the forests a bridal bower for the mating beasts and birds.
Max Heindel, The Message of the Stars

A Look into the Sign of Aries

This great vital force also finds its expression in individuals born under the sign of Aries. Under the influence of this fire sign, they are often regarded as adventurous, active and outgoing. They bubble over with life and energy to such an extent that it is often very difficult to curb them sufficiently to hold them within the bounds of safety and common sense. They are self-assertive and aggressive to a degree, always in the lead for they do not like to follow. They tend to be turbulent and radical in all their thoughts, ideas and actions.

Aries symbol


Aries individuals are enthusiastic, vigorous and brave enough to accept the challenges before them. They tend to be very active and frank in taking actions, often optimistically and confidently. Arians are decisive, forthright, adventurous, ambitious, full of vitality and faithful to friends. They love freedom and tend to spare no pains to achieve their goals.

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