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Healing Angels

Angels Serving the Christ

A Healing Angel, Don Burson

An interesting service is rendered by the Healing Angels. Theirs is the task of clearing the congested areas in our etheric bodies so that the flow of cosmic energies can affect the inner as

well as the outer person. These workers are clothed in light blue radiations, and the color of the emanations from them signifies Their service.

Concentration with the Angels of Healing

Hospitals and sanitariums are enfolded in the healing Light which these Angels create. The thought atmosphere about a place of suffering would be so heavy and dark that the finer powers could scarcely enter, were it not for the Healing Angels who, by Their strong, pure, tranquilizing influence, equalize or change the surrounding atmosphere. They work for depression to be replaced by hope, and for pain to give way to peace.

The Healing Angels with their blue auras are so wonderful to watch. I have seen them in hospitals whose pain auras were so dark that it was almost difficult for one with sight to enter the blackness of that type of atmosphere. But the Healing Angels would be there combing the atmosphere, getting rid of the congestion, lifting the pain atmosphere out of rooms that especially contained them.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, Feast of the Angels

There are at least three Healing Angels always about a hospital, but the prayers of individual patients or the devotions of anxious relatives often invite beings who accept single cases. They first ascertain whether a patient is to be released from the body, or healed. If their investigation reveals that the person's life span is not finished, they first arrest the illness and then work to enlighten the consciousness of the patient. They inspire doctors with the proper diagnosis and the right treatment. Whether a medical man prescribes or a metaphysician prays, help from the higher dimensions attends the afflicted. The coming new race, through telepathy, will be able to tune into the powers from the Healing Angels as assuredly as we now attune ourselves to our favorite radio program. Then the Angels will inform us of the obscure causes of our weaknesses, and with them teaching us how to heal the effects, we shall attain an unwavering healing consciousness.

Healing Angels and Their Work With Us