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A Closer Look at Archangels

Special Messengers Between God and Humanity

Archangel Michael by Vladimir Borovikovsky, 1794

The Lord shall descend from heaven with a shout; with the voice of the Archangel, and with the triumph of God.
Thessalonians 4:16

If our Lord is said to use the voice of an Archangel, there must be something very worthy in these transcendently advanced beings. It points to the Archangels role as special Messengers between the higher octaves of life and humanity. In the New Testament we read about the Archangels Gabriel and Michael.

Archangel Michael is constantly attacking evil and challenging those engaged in wrongdoing to convert their motives and energies into God-directed channels. When any person helps in slaying the dragon of impurity, drug addiction, the compulsive habits, of all these things within themselves, they come under the benediction of the Archangel Michael and begin to serve in His ranks. It seems to be Michael who is the leading Archangel of all, who in turn serves His superior in the Lord Christ.

Archangel Michael

The Archangel Gabriel always foretells important events to those who are to be used as channels in the Divine Plan. It was He who announced to the Master Mary that she would bear the Lord Jesus. He told the shepherds and the wise men where they should find the Christ Child. He also consoled and instructed Mary Magdalene by telling her that her Lord had risen.

In the apocryphal book of Tobit, we are introduced to Archangel Raphael. He wields healing currents and initiates the Healing Angels in the use of these curative rays. He does not work with individuals but He directs spiritual beams into hospitals, institutions and homes where His healing beams are needed.

In the Kabbalah and the Torah we are introduced to the Archangel Uriel, which means wisdom. Uriel is associated with the arts, particularly with music. We find that the Archangel Uriel does a tremendous work and that He will take over the duties of the present reigning Archangel Michael who is serving the world at this time. When our Lord was here, it was the Archangel Gabriel who was in charge, of the dispensation of ushering in the Messiah's work. Uriel's more creative work to come will be through the fine arts, inventions and discoveries. In about 1879, Michael's work was empowered here on earth and since that time, there has been a great clashing of the forces of light and darkness. Some pictures show Michael slaying a dragon, which is interpreted as the dragon of materialism, worldliness, heaviness and sensuality. Michael is described, by those who know, as being most reserved. He speaks seldom, but His looks are intense, penetrating, full of fire and charged with Will.

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