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A Day with the Angels and Devas

A Guided Imagery Sharing the Invisible Helpers All Around Us

The more we learn of all the ways this Kingdom helps and influences us, the more sensitized we will become to their actual presence.
bioReverend Elizabeth Wood

This journey begins early in the morning when something causes me to awaken just before the sun's rays touch the earth. There is a wonderful stillness in the atmosphere and I am prompted to slip outdoors to experience the coming of the dawn.

An Angel of the Morning, Mildred Compton

Now I realize what caused the early awakening—it is the presence of the Angels of the Morning who always precede the sun's rays over the earth's horizon. In the stillness of these moments just before the dawn, you can hear the tones of celestial music and feel the gentle healing currents which these glorious Angels transmit.

In these magical moments there is no thought of going back to bed for there is so much taking place in the atmosphere. Now the Angels who serve the Great Solar Logos are creating a most beautiful sunrise. No two sunrises are ever alike; all of nature awaits their newness with hushed expectancy.

As I return to my home to prepare for the morning's meditation, I notice my Guardian Angel has moved to a position in front of me and She is looking directly into my eyes. I must be very still, for this indicates She has something important to tell me. Oh, yes—She is reminding me to do special prayer work for a friend in the hospital.

Throughout the morning chores there are several occasions when promptings and reminders are given by my Guardian. Some are small matters related to the day's outline of duties which were reviewed during the meditation. Occasionally it is a deeper insight into some aspect of Truth I had been studying.

Later, stepping outdoors for a mid-morning walk in nature, I realize that while I was doing my morning chores I hadn't given any thought to the invisible kingdom active in nature. Now, turning my attention to this kingdom I wonder how I could possibly have forgotten all those glorious beings.

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