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Rediscovering the Reality of Angels

God's Emissaries of Light

Angel of the Night, © Jonathan Wiltshire

Video: What is an Angel?

What inconceivable wonders encircle us in the higher dimensions of existence! Multitudes sing hosannas to the Pristine Spirit unendingly, while legions of pure beings are active in carrying the will of God into every plane of manifestation. With the world's reliance upon the physical senses, most of humanity's consciousness is unaware of these inner glories taking place around us.

Knowledge of the Angelic Kingdom imparts added comfort, faith and reverence to our thoughts. Between the silent immutable perfection of God and unfinished, imperfect human stand the Angels—anointed Emissaries of the Will toward Goodness, Wisdom and Perfection.
Flower A. Newhouse

Their invisible influence works constantly to restrain and purify darkness and to awaken dormant good in all things.

Angel Evolution

The Angelic Kingdom, like the human kingdom, is a path of evolving life. It is composed of beings whose bodies, compared to ours, are etheric. The purpose underlying Angelic unfoldment is perfection through joyousness and service to God. Humanity serves the Creator, not through service as They do, but through self-surrender—by slowly, through lifetimes of striving, surrendering our self-centeredness and learning to do God's will as demonstrated for us so lovingly by our Divine Wayshower—Lord Jesus our Living Christ.

A Race Spirit of Venus, Mildred Compton

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