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Alignment Technique

Striving for Vertical Alignment with God

Here is an example of your bodies in your aura out of alignment

One morning in meditation, Flower found herself guided along a new and untried path that led to the strongest and most intimate realization of the God Spirit within that she had yet encountered. It proved to be a technique to align the seven-fold aspects of our being. This contact with the inner Divine Spirit brings forth a comprehension of God's immediate Presence, blessing many who have used this method with a spiritual peace and joy in ever-increasing measure.

It is a great tool to use before prayer, meditation, or as a stand alone practice. I find it a helpful experience to do whenever I feel out of sorts. It is a technique to align all our bodies with God.
bioReverend Blake Isaac

The alignment begins with the physical self and rises upward to each person's Divine Spirit. The whole technique sets into motion the spiritual forces, bodies and abilities of the Indwelling Eternal Self. The steps we take in this preparatory exercise may be likened to our turning on the current of electricity that illuminates a room.

Video: Alignment Technique Visual Demonstration

This shows all bodies in good alignment in your aura

Using this alignment technique, we begin with the thought:

My physical body, united with its invisible sheath of vitality, is the servant of Lord God Indwelling.

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