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Retreat and Sunday Service Recordings

Video recordings of our latest broadcasts are listed here in case you missed a service. Sunday Services are broadcast each Sunday at 10:45 a.m. in the Church of the Holy Quest.

Search our growing video recordings library for specific topics, dates and speakers. A more extensive library of audio and video recordings dating back to the 1950s can be searched in questSTUDY.

Your highest tribute to the Lord Christ is a worship of His Spirit through the living of His Spirit.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, Here Are Your Answers (Vol. 3)

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SpeakerPodcastMichaelmas Retreat: Moments of God Light
September 23, 2022 by Reverend Blake Isaac

A celebration of all the help we receive from the Angels through handbell and voice choir as well as a four scene dramatization, entitled Moments of God Light. This program introduces us to the ever active help we receive from our Guardian Angels, Healing Angels and the Angels serving the Holy Spirit. Each scene follows a real life situation.

SpeakerPodcastGod’s Emissaries of Light: The Hierarchy of the Angels
September 18, 2022 by Reverend Miara Willis

In the Divine Order of all creation, there is radiating an energy of Oneness. All life expresses the fullness of the Creator. In this expression of Oneness, the Angelic Host offer Themselves in Service to God, to allow Heaven to come to earth. These inspired words of Jane Howard beckon us toward the Blessed Angels. One with God Light, Love and Truth in essence, vibration and intention, each of Them is endowed with specific duties and Purpose to Serve that One. Some of whom serve humanity directly and others who serve in vast reaches of planetary and cosmic endeavor. We learn about Them and we learn how to invite Them into our lives in new and profound ways. They are available to help us, encourage and to grow with us. During this time when our earth and humanity go through great changes, it is essential that we remember the Angels, not only for their help and guidance but for the mere reality that they too are part of this journey. They too are invested in the evolution of earth and all life upon it.

SpeakerPodcastOur Soul: Gateway to Enlightenment
September 11, 2022 by Reverend Dan Willis

Our Soul gives life its depth, its value, its relatedness, its heart and its personal significance. It gives the mind intelligence and creativity and the heart the capacity to love. Learn how our soul is the gateway into enlightenment and practical ways to access and live from the heights of soul consciousness.

SpeakerPodcastThe Dark Night of the Soul
September 4, 2022 by Deborah Waitley, Ph.D.

Journey into the mystery that surrounds the 'Dark Night of the Soul' and learn from the experiences of mystics, theologians, psychologists and poets, as well as 'ordinary' people, how to bring deeper meaning and transformation into our lives.