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Featured Lecture

by Flower A. Newhouse

Here you can watch a featured video recording from the ministry's extensive library of lectures given by Clairvoyant Christian Mystic, Flower A. Newhouse. In addition to a seasonal talk, we've also included a Question and Answer service. Although Flower spoke on many different spiritual themes and topics, her Question and Answer services were often her most popular, allowing the audience to write down their own personal questions for her to answer.

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VideoVideo PodcastQuestions and Answers
Published: November 2, 1975; Lecture By: Reverend Flower A. Newhouse

Questions from the congregation with Answers by Flower A. Newhouse.

VideoVideo PodcastThe Hierarchy of Perfected Souls: The Masters
Published: March 14, 1982; Lecture By: Reverend Flower A. Newhouse

A Master someone who is a genius in intellect, and a redeemer in character. It is a person, man or woman, who has come to complete self-control of the lower bodies. There is no area in which they haven't command. Gone from them is all the testers of our humanity. They haven't any of the conceit qualities or temptation or selfishness in them. They are completely free of these qualities. There are about 300 Masters in the Hierarchy. The work that they are responsible for is tremendous, and they are in themselves tremendous. They make us realize that the same responsibility lies within us, to achieve what they have in Christ's name.