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Those who are devoted to God should study the lives of mystics. They provide their readers with the primers of illumination.
Flower A. Newhouse, The Quest

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April 2017

Psychologically for collective and individual humanity, a vast readjustment and polarization must take place before man can come into conscious alignment with Christ, his Hierarch Archetype, as well as his Star Self, the Christ Within.
Reverend Flower A. Newhouse

Easter Sunrise Service

Dearest Spiritual Family,

As the dawn of Easter morning draws near, we should be preparing momently for Christ's resurrection within our own being. To help us with this, we have been reading and studying the lessons from Songs of Deliverance by Flower A. Newhouse this Lenten season. The speakers for the Wednesday evening services and Sunday talks each selected a chapter to share and delve more deeply into from this wealth of wisdom from Questhaven's co-founder. Each song had its own keynote to help us see something within ourselves that needed to shift, to help us let go of a part of our personality self and make more room for Christ in our being.

Let us each take what we have gleaned from these insights over the weeks of Lent and apply them in our lives to such an extent that we feel Christ becoming more alive in us, and on Easter morning we, too, can say, I will arise!

Christ's love and blessing to you this Easter and always!

Your Sister in Christ,

Merrily Boult

Christ Alive in Us

by Flower A. Newhouse (excerpts from preface and introduction in The Drama of Incarnation)

Every Christian who wholeheartedly yearns to live Christ's teachings more understandingly looks to the drama of Easter as the carrier of a great incentive. Followers of Christ reveal more mixed feelings concerning this high festival than they reveal regarding any other Christian Holy Day. Although Easter signifies the apex of human attainment in spiritual consciousness, its meaning is seldom translated in ways that are acceptable and usable to the average devotee. Gradually the student begins to assume that the quickenings of this triumphal occasion are above his level or beyond his reach of realization.

Although Easter symbolizes Christ's most forceful accomplishment, it heralds the attainment of every human being who strives Godward. We cannot afford to overlook its profound implication in the drama of all human existence.

Jesus disclosed life's major objectives through His own spiritual maturity and His conquest of elemental forces. He became a consecrated agent of Divine Orders. His were archetypal experiences and climactic penetrations into new frontiers of human development. Because He proved what man may channel and become, He wields the influence of a matrix or creative pattern by which all men shall be transformed in their spiritual growth.

Each of us desires more Light and more contact with the Holy One whose Way we follow. We wish also to be a purer transmitter of His Power among people, and to become humble radiators of the Christ Light—representatives of His transforming Life.

This year let us make Easter a special event during which we draw nearer to our Lord and into closer agreement with those purposes He embodied. Let us review each day the events of Christ's activities during that momentous Holy Week. They will call to mind many of the basic teachings allied with man's own drama of incarnation. Altogether, the seven days preceding Easter should be a week of deep, spiritual communion.