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The Christward Way

The Path of Christian Mysticism

The Christ Portrait

Every Christian should strive to radiate Light so that the diamond heart of nations and the world may be formed. All spiritual fires have the tendency to ignite potential hearts with the Christ Flame. We want to say often, "I dwell in the light of Christ. May His Light be steady and bright within me."

The Lord Christ is responsible for the spiritual evolution of all people, even those who do not revere Him. Within His keeping are the keys for the development of this humanity.

We who study here want to stand wholly for Christ and His way of life. We are nondenominational so that everyone may come here, and worship with us, and receive communion with us. Among the requirements that are made of those who come here are reverence, loving Christ, and knowing the greatness that He is. We are striving to become Christian mystics.

Above learning, we emphasize living.
The Christward Way.

Aims of the Christward Ministry

What is the difference between metaphysics, mysticism, and esotericism?
The study of metaphysics deals primarily with the influence of the mind. It tells us to think creatively and constructively and to avoid adverse or negative states of consciousness. This branch is interested in gaining knowledge and mental control, and devotes its study to generalities rather than our special purpose and the meaning of life in the physical world.
Another level still is the mystical. With Christian mysticism an individual is desirous of knowing God, not through belief but through firsthand and direct contact. Striving for a greater union with God will bring a person deeper devotions and insights, which will illumine his consciousness. When one achieves this, he or she knows peace and a resurgence of transformation and joy.
There is a further development of Christian esotericism that few people get to know. They are impoverished for that lack of contact, for the esoteric teaching is the synthesis of all that has gone before it, with the addition of its own great field of truth about God's plan of life and how we may bring our lives under this great plan. Its mission is to unveil the living truth, opening our minds to vast vistas of reality that pertain to our total evolution, extended faculties, and superphysical orders of life.
Each level is necessary according to the unfoldment of an individual.
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