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Sunday Services

Church of the Holy Quest

Sunday Devotional Service

Flower A. Newhouse considered Sunday the mountain of the week. Our Sunday devotional church services are a time to align our inner and outer attention to God. Our Souls require this nutriment, renewal and restoration with Deity. The Sabbath symbolizes the state of soul consciousness and the Sabbath day itself is to teach us how to reach it.

If individuals saw the glory of every church service, the assembly would never do anything but worship, and they would come to their mountain peak, the church, for being ordained and infilled with light to carry back into the valleys.
bioFlower A. Newhouse

Devotional Services are held each Sunday at 10:45 a.m. in the Church of the Holy Quest. Worship begins in reverent silence. All services include music from the voice choir, an invocation and a spoken message to give insights into the Mystery Teachings of the Living Christ and how they can be infused into our daily lives along our path of growth, transformation and enlightenment. View our Event Calendar for a listing of upcoming speakers and topics.

Questhaven now offers Sunday Nature Services every Sunday from 9:00-10:30 a.m. We meet under the oak tree outside Chapelito for a short lesson followed by a reverent walk along one of our many nature trails in order to draw closer to God in a beautiful, peaceful, sacred natural setting. View our calendar for a current schedule.

Is it true that there are invisible Beings present in church during its services? Can you tell us about Them?
Persons of all ages should realize that a house of God (or a dedicated site) attracts the attention of Presences who are especially drawn to the devotional aspect of Reality. In our church there is always present an Angel of the Christ Presence. He is the commanding Figure in a group of devoted Servers. There are always from four to eight Religious Angels or two Prayer Angels, two or three Healing Angels and a dozen or more "Song Uttering Angels" are usually in attendance during the singing of the choir and the congregation. These Angels are present because They wish to assist every worshiper, to inspire, encourage, heal, uplift or purify the consciousness and feelings of the gathered-as only Angels are able to do it.
bioFlower A. Newhouse