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Recorded Lectures

by Flower A. Newhouse from 1950 to 1990

Flower A. Newhouse, circa 1940's

Here you'll find a large sample of the recorded lectures given by Rev. Flower A. Newhouse between 1950 and 1990. These lectures can be purchased on CD-ROM and many are now available as Audio Downloads.

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Why I Believe in Reincarnation

040-1 Sunday 02/05/1956

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower explains why she believes in reincarnation. She uses examples from history of well-known figures, like Pythagoras, who believed in more than one life. She shares scripture from the Bible that also supports this belief. But, perhaps most evident of all, she shares past lives recollections from several persons, including her own past experiences. There is an endless chain of lives behind us and there is a glorious future before us. The genius is only that individual who has achieved the high watermark, you might call it, of the futurity of the entire race. Every genius is a sample of what each of us will become, and are becoming. Talk given in Los Angeles.

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Another Consideration of Man's Continuity

085-1 Sunday 03/16/1958

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower talks about the teachings of rebirth (continuity of the soul), the great souls that believed in it and why it is a true teaching.

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The Deeper Meanings of Continuity

125-2 Sunday 01/24/1960

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseCompares 'one-life' theory with individual continuity or reincarnation. Describes personal memories of past lives, corroborated by others. Demonstrates effects of past lives on current incarnation. Explains that physical plane is where lessons are worked out and growth occurs. Each life begins with new body, personality and brain. Gives several Bible references to reincarnation and cause and effect. Lists famous persons believing in reincarnation and cites their memories and writings. Gives examples of reincarnation of pets.

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Wholeness as an Ideal and Objective

123-1 Sunday 01/31/1960

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseWe are taught by our Lord Christ that we were born or rather we were created before we were born on earth. In this inner creation we were made perfect. We also recognize that in being created Divine, we have nothing to do with our own Divinity, we gave no work to it, no development, we paid no price for it, it was a great gift. We must think not only from the standpoint of one incarnation, we think from the standpoint and vastness of eternity itself. Discussion of regeneration and reincarnation.

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Studies in Progress (4 of 4): Progress through Karma and Dharma

132-1 Sunday 06/26/1960

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower explains the law of Karma and how it is applied in the continuity of life. She also explains the meaning of Dharma, 'the right selection of the best means for canceling out unpleasantness.' She gives examples of both karma and dharma at work in different person's lives. She also lists several well-known individuals who believe in reincarnation or the continuity of life.

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The Major Paths We May Have Traveled

142-1 Sunday 12/04/1960

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseDiscusses human evolutions beginnings in Gobi desert. States that each of Seven Rays has a main route in which persons have incarnated, in order to best learn the lessons of their ray. Mentions names of hallmark routes taken by persons of major rays: Sumerian Way is the second ray; Assyrian Way is the fourth ray; Minoan Way is the sixth ray. Traces major lifetimes (eras, locations, and civilizations) in which sixth ray persons incarnated in order to sharpen and refine their spirituality. Mentions locations of our future Evolution as well.

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Lessons from Past Civilizations

151-2 Sunday 04/30/1961

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseMankind is very decidedly standing at a crossroad and trying to decide whether to turn to the right or the left. Other civilizations have met comparable challenges. Some of them have succeeded in overcoming the challenges that we are making. Others have succumbed to the temptations and deteriorated from within by thinking themselves superior to other races or nations and treating them as subhuman or becoming complacent. And so our world indeed is facing a terrible crisis, the outcome no one knows. What is needed is creative humility of the type that will be dependent upon the only power that sees us through the ordeals ahead; and that is the spirit of God.

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Three Routes of Progress

201-2 Sunday 10/14/1962

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseTalk based on research in Akashic records. States that every human life began in Mongolia; had countless incarnations in etheric bodies; then many lives in physical 'stone age' incarnations. Every person has a long history of life behind him, which has put him under many climates, races, and nations. Lists differeng life routes and civilizations taken by second, forth and sixth ray souls. Babylonia, China and Greece were major 'crossroads' incarnations, where persons of all rays meet about every fouth incarnation. Southern California is the 'Cradle of the New Race.'

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When We Lived Under Other World Faiths

270-1 Sunday 01/17/1965

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower discusses traits of ancient religions and philosophies. They satisfy us at different levels of our growth, but they will not satisfy persons of other levels. As we evolve, we are led to different teachers, to different faiths, in order that in their classrooms we can learn the wisdom or the emphasis that is necessary to us at that period of our instruction within.

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The Activity of Karma in our Daily Lives

315-1 Sunday 10/09/1966

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThe most potent forms of transformation are the result of suffering and the willing acceptance of meeting whatever confronts us in a constructive way. Each day our actions are sowing seeds for the future. Of the sixty billion humans in existence only a small percentage incarnate at any one time. Division of masculine and feminine poles occurred about 25 million years ago, and ultimately they come together again and become androgynous. Describes the three kinds of karma. It is our Monad who needs the experience of growth, strengthening, conquest and mastery. Flower gave several examples of karmic relationships of people she counseled, including consequences of polygamy and polyandry. All healing is karmic.

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The Incarnating Soul

392-2 Sunday 06/01/1969

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower poses questions asked by parents of a new baby, 'Where do you come from? Why are you here? Why have you come to me? How may I best help you?' and then uses the teachings of the Christ to answer those questions about all incarnating souls. Describes evolution of humankind, varying according to primary ray, from earliest lives in Mongolia up to the present. Lists fourth wave lifetimes (composite nations, blending). Mentions cosmic evolution within Solar system. Explains how parents can help their child's soul grow and evolve.

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The Law of Causation

416-1 Sunday 03/22/1970

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower shares principles to remember when tested. Man is the creator of his circumstances; we cannot receive what we have not caused; and, man comes of age spiritually when he recognizes the law of cause and effect. We should never be critical of others when they are being tested. A comparison given of assassinations of Jack Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln. Example of Edwin Booth (brother of John Wilkes Booth) saving the life of Robert Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln's son). Example of General Jackson saving the life of William McKinley during the Civil War. Example of Ribald Tilling, the German scientist who was killed by the robot bomb he invented.

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The Challenge of Reincarnation

437-1 Sunday 10/11/1970

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower discusses our need to reincarnate. Reincarnation is believed by many religions such as Buddhism, Sufis as well as Christianity; also accepted by some Egyptians and Greeks and referenced in Talmud, Zohar, Kabala and New Testament. Includes quotes of Jesus on reincarnation in Bible and comments on some scholars' objections to reincarnation. Extent of earth's aura described. Past lives acknowledged by Emperor Julian, Plato, Napoleon, Thoreau, Count Leo Tolstoy, Wagner, Viktor Hugo, Nietzsche and Louisa Alcott. Flower discussed disadvantages of knowing our past before we are ready. Goethe's quotes on reincarnation.

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Reasons behind Man's Will to Incarnate

539-1 Sunday 09/16/1973

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower discusses the inner worlds and our need to return to earth by necessity or desire. The Kindel Archangel in charge of our evolution and life graphs explains our needs for next life. Young souls incarnate more rapidly than older ones. Experiences in inner worlds described and lessons learned. Discusses incarnations of some advanced souls, mentioning that Thoreau and Emerson were formerly friends in Greece with Plato and Aristotle. Advanced souls like Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin return to earth to serve humanity.

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Take a New Look at Reincarnation

656-1 Sunday 04/16/1978

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower urges those to whom the thought of reincarnation is new to open their minds and explains that this earth is a school and we come here to learn one grade at a time. One incarnation, or one grade, would not be sufficient to expand our consciousness. Although many references to reincarnation were removed from the bible, many still remain.

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The Akashic Records and Major Routes We Incarnate

665-1 Sunday 08/27/1978

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseEverything we think, say or do is recorded eternally in the Akashic Records. People of a high spiritual consciousness can go to these records to investigate and learn reasons for present behavior.

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Christ Our Lord and Redeemer

681-1 Sunday 04/15/1979

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseDiscusses evolution, preparation for life on earth, and review of one's life with Kindel Archangel upon return to inner worlds. Flower shares her personal memories of Christ.

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The Cycle of Necessity: To Be Born on Earth

715-2 Sunday 08/17/1980

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThe plan of life is one that requires birth and death and return to birth and death many times. Flower describes reincarnation, explaining the purpose and need for this to aid our evolution. Defines karma as the law of causation, the law of action, the law of reaction and gives examples of karma as a mechanism for spiritual growth. Notes that with every overcoming our soul grows stronger. Lists three qualities that cause us to have either good or bad karma, according to the way we live them. Explains that we are all evolving toward masterhood.

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Past Life Leftovers

794-1 Sunday 08/28/1983

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseYou are a composite of everything you've ever done, thought and felt, both constructively and destructively. You have lived many times, always with the uplift of being improved upon in the last incarnation. There are two types of karma that affect us as we go through life and even our expression of existence in the inner worlds. They are karma which is due, and deferred karma.

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