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Recorded Lectures

by Flower A. Newhouse from 1950 to 1990

Flower A. Newhouse, circa 1940's

Here you'll find a large sample of the recorded lectures given by Rev. Flower A. Newhouse between 1950 and 1990. These lectures can be purchased on CD-ROM and many are now available as Audio Downloads.

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A Lesson in Symbolism

001a2 Sunday 08/09/1953

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThroughout the mists of time great teachers spoke of mysteries in the language of symbols so that these truths would be obvious only to the advanced who would understand them. Flower A. Newhouse shares the inner meaning of a variety of symbols from mystics, religions, nature, and dreams.

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Summer Pilgrimage (3 of 3): The Adonai and Spirit of God Indwelling

005-2 Sunday 06/27/1954

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFrom here on we want to learn all that we can about the Holy triad because healing will flow from the awareness of the divine powers that are resident within. Discusses esoteric teachings regarding our seven-fold bodies and the hierarchy of God's inner kingdoms.

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Dreams: Their Spiritual and Psychological Meanings

047-1 Sunday 05/06/1956

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseDreams contain symbolism which when interpreted correctly, tell us about our inner lives. Discussion of the meanings of some symbols. Interpretation of sample dreams. Talk given in Los Angeles.

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Effective Ways of Dealing with Loneliness

053-1 Sunday 06/10/1956

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThose who have a good and satisfying relationship with God are never lonely. And secondly, having this first, they cannot help but love people more and not only mankind, but the creatures and all of life. For if they love God, who made life, then they love that life itself. They love everything in it that is of God, the good. And wherein they find discords and that which is not of the good, they are so busy correcting the misery of the world, that they haven't time for grief or for loneliness or for the feelings of the lack of acceptance or of one's own inner disapproval. So in order to have permanent healing from loneliness, we need to consider those two things and what we can justly do about them.

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Discovering Gateways into Light

056-1 Sunday 07/22/1956

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseMeditation is the most fertile and the most effectual way by which God can be approached. Meditation is spiritual concentration, requiring we empty ourselves, create the right mood, practice stillness and envision positive archetypes. Examples of keynotes to bring us to positive attention. Meditation is a perpetual return to God, our inner sanctuary.

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The Gift of Spiritual Love

055-2 Sunday 02/24/1957

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower describes how persons who live a loveless life may on the surface appear popular or successful but that in time their inner state will manifest in psychosomatic illness, physical illness or in a number of other ways.  She suggests that before this happens we examine our own heart and that we ask God to show us how we can improve our relationships with others.  Flower goes on to talk about the various kinds of love, motherly love, sisterly love, brotherly love, friendship, and so on, but it is spiritual love that we need to express.  The love that Christ taught us.  Love for all of God's creation on earth.  She gives several examples of people who have lived spiritual love and how they have inspired, challenged and awakened us.

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Let Us View Death Constructively

063-2 Sunday 04/07/1957

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseExplains that transition is as much a part of the experience of men as is birth. Gives reasons for fears of death; allays them. Describes experiences at transition and beyond, joy of loved ones at reunion on the inner, and variety of Inner world adventures and experiences.

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Healing As Practiced on Various Levels of Consciousness

067-1 Sunday 05/05/1957

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseHealing is important because of the background that is entailed in the meaning of wholeness. Great unity between religion, medicine, and psychology to speed the work of man's attaining wholeness. Paracelsus said sickness was a result of man's own inner contentions. God uses many channels to bring forth great light, many venues of healing. There's only one Healer, and one healing Power, and that is God, but these are auxiliary means. Talk given in Los Angeles.

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Life Within the Inner Dimensions

066-2 Sunday 06/09/1957

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseOnly a small fraction of ourselves in visible in this dimension. Six sevenths of us is invisible to human sight. It is important that we know about our totality of being. All important events, all glorious plans, causes, movements, inventions, art, inspirations, have come from the inner dimensions. Cites Bible re: Angels. Gives examples of unexpected mystical experiences that people have had.

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Healing from the Spiritual Viewpoint (2 of 3)

082-1 Sunday 01/26/1958

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseWe are more than body, we are God's. Inner meaning to parts of the body and how to keeping good health. Symbolism of the anatomy and the evolution of man. Importance of numbers representing parts of the body and life itself. Vital organs, blood, etc. Inner state of health. Change within self for healing come. We can't do it ourselves, we must rely on God.

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Highlights of the Study of Numbers

082-2 Sunday 02/02/1958

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseEverything in the world physically and in the inner worlds is attuned to rhythm, frequency and number. Pythagoras is responsible for our arithmetic. India began the system that begins with zero and it meant God. Explanations given for meaning of numbers 0 to 9 both in our birth dates and names. Pythagoras taught 3 important things to prepare us for spiritual study are gymnasium, music and numbers. Quotes given from Ariel Taylor on numbers and explanation of numbers 11 and 22.

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Qualifications for Extra-Sensory Perception

088-2 Sunday 06/15/1958

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseSpeaking of man's evolving awareness of his own finiteness and limitation, Flower tells of man's gradual shift Godward and the slow unfolding of extra-sensory perception. She describes the different faculties of the sixth sense including telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience, intuition, theophany, and channelship explaining that we all possess these gifts in a dormant state until we develop a deep interest in God. She warns of the great costs to be considered and the need for spiritual moral courage, integrity and sincerity.

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Aligning All of Our Vehicles with Healing Currents

109-2 Sunday 04/26/1959

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseSpeaking of the interconnection between mind, body and emotions and the need for inner wholeness and oneness with the Divine Indwelling, Rev. Newhouse uses the example of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde as a man with a divided nature. She tells of Bishop Stephen Neil of England who helped people suffering from nervous problems to learn to identify the dividedness of their nature and to work to unify it. She presents the work of Psychiatrist Dr. Abraham Lowe who held recovery meetings for mental patients to teach them to recover from their illness by learning to use their muscles to train their brains to resume rightful management of the body. The power, oneness and maturity of the Lord Christ is given as the greatest example of wholeness the world has ever known.

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Individual Immortality

110-2 Sunday 05/31/1959

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseIn this lifetime, we are responsible for building a conscious bridge between this dimension and the world and experience of God. We should take our Christian faith so much to heart that we have a readiness to leave this body when God wills. We are not allowed, no matter how deeply we love, to let that love take the place of our love for God. Describes the Angel of Transition as mighty, strong, resplendent, all-glorious. Describes post-transition experiences, hosts present at Memorial Services, battlefield victims leaving their bodies as cocoons, welcomed by Shining Being.

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Wholeness as an Ideal and Objective

123-1 Sunday 01/31/1960

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseWe are taught by our Lord Christ that we were born or rather we were created before we were born on earth. In this inner creation we were made perfect. We also recognize that in being created Divine, we have nothing to do with our own Divinity, we gave no work to it, no development, we paid no price for it, it was a great gift. We must think not only from the standpoint of one incarnation, we think from the standpoint and vastness of eternity itself. Discussion of regeneration and reincarnation.

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Spiritual Purposefulness

126-2 Sunday 03/13/1960

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseExplores the importance of having spiritual purposefulness or aims in our striving to be closer to God. Consider the means we are using to grow into the stature that the Christ has prepared for us. Faith always is powerful and is the one of the qualities to use, but it must be creative, it must be kept fresh and one must be adaptive to find ever new means to use to bring about the goal, the intention of our own inner transformation, and our achieving what the message of Lent tells us we can, the purification, the rising, the going through the way of the cross and coming out on the other side unselfed.

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Studies in Greatness (3 of 3)

130-1 Sunday 05/29/1960

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseIn this third talk on 'greatness', Flower explains that before our evolution is finished, each of us must attain the spiritualizing of the will and self-surrender that characterizes true greatness. This talk focuses on the illumined Initiate of Light Emanual Swedenborg, his growing clairvoyance, his ability to tune into the inner worlds with full waking consciousness, his description of three main groupings in the inner world and his willingness to reveal to mankind the inner experience to which we will all graduate.

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The Inner Side of Loneliness

134-2 Sunday 07/31/1960

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseAddressing those who suffer from loneliness, Flower makes a distinction between feeling lonely and of being alone or having time to one's self. One can be solitary without feeling lonely. In fact, some of the greatest mystics have been solitary figures in that at times they would withdraw into purposeful aloneness. And all of us need that kind of aloneness in order to be well, in order to be creative, and in order to formulate plans intelligently and such, but this repeated isolation and withdrawal from people is another matter, and its springs are within or rise out of negativity. Flower indicates that loneliness mainly grows out of an improper direction of our feelings and gives instruction on how to climb out of our feelings of loneliness. Above all, she stresses the importance of seeking a stronger relationship with God.

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Seership: Its Role and Value

136-2 Sunday 09/11/1960

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower talks about the purpose clairvoyance serves spiritual seekers and leaders. She uses many examples from the prophets of the Bible to modern day seers. Clairvoyant talents come for one reason, to cause people to be aware of the superconscious that is within them and of the Divine overshadowing reality which envelops them, and to make them conscious participants in the world of the Divine. The lofty aim of religion is to bring us to that wise development of sensitivity where we will be able to know union with the Divine in an aware, in a direct, in a very reverent sense. Discusses Rd. Rhine and Edgar Cayce.

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Esoteric Aspects of Progress

140-2 Sunday 11/13/1960

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower shares with us the importance of making spiritual progress in this lifetime. She says the worst thing we can do is become complacent about inner progress. She gives examples of various individuals, some who chose positively and some negatively, to pursue spiritual growth in their lives. Each of us has our own need to make progress, to gain consecutive day-by-day, hour-by-hour growth in that we must not fail. If the struggling is hard, peace will come. Peace as we realize that we are being lifted and we are being freed and we are gaining new insights and outlooks and freedoms.

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The Third Eye and What It Signifies

161-1 Sunday 09/24/1961

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower addresses the reality of Extra-Sensory Perception, a faculty sometimes called the Third Eye or Second Sight, which is present in everyone but dormant in most and which provides information about the physical worlds as well as worlds beyond. She tells of prophets of ancient and more modern times who were skilled in its use including MacDonald, Elijah, John, Boehme, Swedenborg, Arthur Waite, Martinez Pasquales, Abbe Fournie and Jean Baptiste Willermoz.. She speaks of false prophets that focus on the glamorous, and the gradations of progress in the flower, rock and tree worlds. She says she would not give anything for her ability to see this other world.

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The Heart's Symbolic Function

174-2 Sunday 02/11/1962

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower states that by being more awakened to the superphysical aspects of the heart we may come into greater control of this wondrous center. Some individuals experience heart awakenings during their lifetime, and some are born with their heart centers already functioning. Describes the heart chakra from physical and superphysical standpoints, including the heart center on astral, mental and soul levels. Explains that it is important as we progress in our Christian experience that we love others as well as those souls in the inner kingdoms, and in doing so our hearts shall be lifted. As ones heart is lifted upward, the hearts spiritual counterparts on each level vibrate at higher and higher levels, creating greater color in every body, as well as size of heart center. Indicates that there are 714 references to the heart in the Bible, New and Old Testaments. Quotes several of these, and recommends anyone who experiences difficulty with their heart, to read and use them in their life.

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Winter's Value to the Soul

180-1 Sunday 03/25/1962

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower discusses symbolic meanings of the seasons and expands upon winter's lessons, both from an outer and an inner standpoint. Mentions Gladys Taber and Thoreau as naturalists who loved and learned much from winter. Describes winter's testings and challenges physically, psychologically and spiritually; indicates how we are to react to these from a spiritual viewpoint.

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Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring

182-2 Sunday 04/15/1962

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseDescribes the events of Palm Sunday. Describes the purpose and need for many versions of Christianity, and that these are beneficial. Periodically the disciples reincarnate to rekindle the flames of Christianity. It isn't any book, any theology, any creed–it's the Living Christ, whom we worship. Early Christians knew the truth that men go on and finish their evolution and become perfected. For five minutes every day, we should meditate on what Christ means to us. Four ways the Christ influences the earth: regenerating nature, enlightening men, giving dynamic spiritual principles, and opening the gates to the inner kingdom.

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Adventures in Faith Class (16 of 21): The Esoteric Value of Creative Faith

186-2 Sunday 05/20/1962

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower describes attributes and requirements of faith, giving specific insights as to how best to pray and envision for various needs. Discusses health, protection, and world conditions. Describes prayer archetypes, the Garden of Prayer, help being given by souls in the inner worlds in aiding prayer work. Concludes with audience questions and answers. Talk given in Los Angeles.

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What Can We learn from Memorial Day Observances?

188-1 Sunday 05/27/1962

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseBriefly reviews history and purpose of Memorial Day, which permits us to remember the presences of those who have been part of our lives who are no more here, but who are very much alive in the world of God. Describes events at and following transition, beginning with Angel of Transition. Describes Three Pools of Energy: cleansing, renewal, and baptism. Necessity for person to attend Memorial Service. During Life review, each person is their own judge. After thorough life review, reunion with loved ones, then exploration of inner worlds. Description of astral world sites of beauty and great interest. Mental world landscapes quite different.

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Adventures in Faith Class (19 of 21): Inner Peace through Faith

189-2 Wednesday 06/06/1962

Lecture by Flower A. NewhousePut God first. That is the shortcut to everything, and if you find yourself struggling it is because your mind is centered with the negativity. It is centered in your thought life instead of on God. This statement by Flower sums up this Wednesday evening class on faith. We are reminded that our purpose in life is to strive toward spiritual masterhood, and we do this through self-control and self-discipline, and by putting God before anything else in our lives. The lecture is followed by a question and answer period.

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Living with Extra-Sensory Perception

201-1 Sunday 10/07/1962

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseRev. Flower Newhouse explains that all persons possess a spiritual faculty within but few have trained themselves to bring it forth. Seeing spiritually is both a great opportunity and a Divine obligation so courage, responsibility, reverence, patience and perseverance are required. She addresses the priceless intangibles brought by group worship and changes in auras when one enters a place of worship. Saying she would not give up development of sight for anything, she describes a special blessing from the Lord of the Mountain at Frazier Mountain, seeing a deva temple, being summoned to Angelic strongholds and holy cities and the great wonder of seeing an single Angel and Angelic Hosts.

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Seven Bodies (4 of 4): More Light Regarding the Soul

223-2 Sunday 05/19/1963

Lecture by Flower A. NewhousePreparation of chapel for service. The Soul is the Angel of Light within. The Monad is to the soul what the soul is to the outer body. The purpose of incarnation is to develop our souls. Our souls have the intellect of genius, they are interested in achieving preciseness, accuracy, purity and truth. Whenever we experience any of the sacraments we are under the focus of our souls. Description of activity of the soul during christening and baptism. Description of Devachan, also called Paradise, where we spend three-fourths of our time in the inner worlds. Experiences of St. John of the Cross.

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The Necessary Cultivation of Tranquility

224-2 Sunday 06/02/1963

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseAn inspiring talk for anyone striving for inner peace. At the kernel of every soul that lives in this dimension and in God's country is a center where God is, and all peace rests upon this center and man's abiding within it. To have peace we should really think of a sunburst as from within us, raying out its flashing points of light into all of our aura, and we should stand still in the mystery and the wonder of that flashing of the star of our God Self. And whenever we are inclined to be the most disturbed, we should stop and practice this attunement to the star of our inner being.

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The Way Within

231-1 Sunday 09/15/1963

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseOur unconscious mind gives us many clues and instructions in our dreams at night. This inner side of ourselves gives us wonder opportunities and potentials to work on and sometimes startling revelations.

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God Within and God Unfolded

234-1 Sunday 10/20/1963

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseMan is beginning to recognize that they are more than body and a spirit. We are a septenary or seven-fold being, and that because we are seven-fold, we have much to do in overcoming as well as raising and enhancing of these powers that belong to our inner nature. Describes the attributes of our lower quadrate (physical, etheric, astral, mental bodies) and higher triad (soul, adonai, monad), as well as the symbols, characteristics and terminology of our higher bodies. Descriptions of initiates and masters. Compares God inherent and potential with actualized and unfolded.

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Evolution and the Bible

236-1 Sunday 11/17/1963

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower explains the esoteric perspective of human creation in relation to the Bible story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and the scientific theory of evolution. Flower shares that both science and religion contain truth in their diverse theories on evolution. Science tells us that all life is evolving, that it is unfinished as yet. That is true for the physical side. Religion tells us that man was made in God's image, and that is true, but the two persons are different. Religion speaks of the inner man and science speaks of the outer one. They are not speaking of the same aspect, and if we understand that we can better realize how they can come into agreement at some time in the future.

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Christ the Great Hierarch

238-2 Sunday 12/22/1963

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThis talk helps to prepare one inwardly for the holy midnight hour of Christmas, which is essential to achieve a highly spiritual Christmas experience. Flower explains what is happening on the spiritual plane at this time, and what one must do to be receptive to the energy and blessings which are present. She emphasizes one should strive toward realization through attunement rather than anticipation of an inner experience or feeling.

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Psychic Conditions We Must Overcome

242-1 Sunday 02/16/1964

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseWe possess seven senses, two of which are affiliated with the inner side of our beings. Inner unfoldment of higher traits was given to the disciples. Flower referenced the book Realms of the Living Dead. Augusta Curtis shared with Flower meeting with an aviator who just lost his life in battle. Flower discusses the unwise use of an ouija board. It is possible while still in physical bodies to tune in to the Hall of Learning, Hall of Wisdom or Lodge of Masters.

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Living above the Visible

255-2 Sunday 07/26/1964

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseStates that our great purpose in this incarnation is to live above the visible plane; to have conscious affiliation with Divine world of spirit from which we came, to which we forever belong. Christ says the Kingdom of Heaven is within us; we are to increase awareness of these inner worlds. Psychology and parapsychology are increasing openness and sensitivity to them. Describes the training undertaken by Sufi mystics, travelers on the great path.

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The Activities of Invisible Helpers

262-2 Sunday 11/01/1964

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseDiscusses human helpers in the inner worlds, those who help souls who have recently come across. Servers help people who were like themselves when they left this plane. Part of their restitution is to welcome and prepare these souls. Helpers of newly transitioned souls with difficulties (suicides, murderers, murder victims) may take person to sanitaria for healing of inner bodies. Humble helper, a human being who has gone into the higher worlds ahead of the rest of us, is only allowed to help for two generations of humankind. He must know all the circumstances that this person who has newly died has been meeting. After two generations, that's impossible, as our world and its inventions progresses so fast, so; swift turnover of servers of this type. Other helpers work praying for similar persons yet on earth, helping them bring forth new developments for good.

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Interesting Aspects of Occultism

264-2 Sunday 11/15/1964

Lecture by Flower A. NewhousePerhaps the first thing which is given to us in esoteric teachings, that has not been shown us before is: that we come to life with a purpose, and secondly, that we are accountable every moment for our inner growth. We are a self-evolving person, responsible for our own perfectibility. God gave us life and that is His gift to us. Now we must, through growth, perfect it. We are what we are because we have made ourselves so, and at this very moment we are making ourselves that which we will experience in the future. No other line of teaching tells us that.

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Dwell in Living Time

283-2 Sunday 07/11/1965

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseLiving cannot be improved unless we give spiritual attention to time. When we do that, then we make no more mistakes in calculating time unwisely or in wasting it or in being heedless of its vast privilege. God's gift to us is eternal life and that eternal life should begin right now in living time because it is a foretaste of our own immortality. And it brings us in alignment with the inner worlds, which we should know even before we enter them. It gives us the consciousness that makes us worthy to go home to God when we are ready.

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Our Winged Faculty: The Sixth Sense

298-1 Sunday 01/30/1966

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseEveryone has a sixth and seventh sense. The sixth sense is aware of realities that are taking place at distances, telepathy, being able to pick up thoughts from others. The seventh sense is the sense of motion in the inner worlds, traveling to a distant place as quickly as thought and returning. Included are many accounts of people using both of these higher faculties. Ways that you can tune in to your own sixth and seventh sense.

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The Special Power of Silent Effort

300-1 Sunday 02/27/1966

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseSpeaks of consciously entering the Great Silence, explaining that we must have outer silence in order to enter the inner silence. Flower stresses that more is often accomplished through silence than through words, and suggests that we can help those in need by holding them in the silence. She gives personal examples from her work and tells of hearing the Music of the Spheres outside in the silence of the night. To be a channel for the releasement of archetypes of beauty, purposefulness and usefulness we must be silent. She tells us that silence strips us of our egotisms. We are only ready to pray, meditate, serve or speak when we experience first relaxation, then patience and finally silence.

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Adepts of the West

302-1 Sunday 03/27/1966

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower discusses adepts, initiates, masters and esoteric groups throughout history, concentrating on those of the western world. After discussing Manes, the Paraclete, and Manicheaism, she indicates various ways that inner truths were disseminated, including various Orders of chivalry, troubadours, bards, guilds, and lists famous alchemists and instructors. She lists many inner Orders and notes that we potentially or actually, are serving these Orders whose vows we keep and radiate in living.

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Of What Does an Ideal Awareness in Nature Consist?

308-2 Sunday 06/26/1966

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThe more an individual loves nature the better is it revealed that he is advancing. The more mature the soul the deeper will be his love for the out-of-doors and for the creatures. God has placed within man an awareness, sometimes it is only intuitional but that is enough, of another kingdom; a kingdom that serves the trees, the grasses, the winds, the storm and all the loveliness of nature. And the same intuition tells us that we can receive much from this other side of life if we are open to its inner perspective.

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Why the Reality of Angels Is Vital to Our Age

314-2 Sunday 10/02/1966

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower A. Newhouse beautifully describes the great Reality of Angels in today's world. She describes the various duties and responsibilities of the different types of Angels and stresses the important role They have in our everyday life. She shares what transpires between the Kindel Archangel and a soul who has passed into the inner realms, and the tough questions one has to face about how one lived on earth. Flower also describes various experiences she had with Angels from the time she was a child on into her adult life. This is a fascinating peek into a world most people aren't even aware exists.

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The Activity of Karma in our Daily Lives

315-1 Sunday 10/09/1966

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThe most potent forms of transformation are the result of suffering and the willing acceptance of meeting whatever confronts us in a constructive way. Each day our actions are sowing seeds for the future. Of the sixty billion humans in existence only a small percentage incarnate at any one time. Division of masculine and feminine poles occurred about 25 million years ago, and ultimately they come together again and become androgynous. Describes the three kinds of karma. It is our Monad who needs the experience of growth, strengthening, conquest and mastery. Flower gave several examples of karmic relationships of people she counseled, including consequences of polygamy and polyandry. All healing is karmic.

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Thanksgiving's Transforming Power

318-1 Sunday 11/20/1966

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThanksgiving opens the gates to the holy season of Christmas. Gratitude is the quality which reveals the beginning of greatness. In the inner planes, those who are perfected watch for these qualifications. First, gratitude, second, humility, and third, love. Keeping a gratitude journal helps us become more appreciative. Self-centeredness is an enemy of gratitude and greatness. Thanksgiving is transforming because it keeps us in the attitude of touching that which is holy and being immersed in it and blessed by it.

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The Chakras that are Present in Us

325-1 Sunday 03/19/1967

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower describes the chakras, their appearance, colors and location in each of the higher bodies. Explains their differing functions in each of our inner bodies. Describes three energies coursing through thespinal cord–the life force from God the Whole courses down; Vitality energy spirals up from right side of spine; Kundalina fire begins on left side of spine implanting its energies at the seven sacred centers. States that God in us, our Divine spirit, has its outflow through the heart chakra. Notes that on Palm Sunday our Lord Christ was aware of the tremendous background that He had behind Him. In that preparation he knew how to work on his inner bodies so that the tumultuous acclaim of the excited, fickle, changeable crowd did not excite him.

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The Inner Side of Nature

331-1 Sunday 06/18/1967

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThis revealing talk on the inner side of nature opens up another dimension for us to be aware of until our own inner sight is developed to show us such wonders. Flower shares how to prepare both inwardly and outwardly before going out into nature to benefit the most from it. She suggests studying certain naturalists, writers, and poets to aid in this preparation. She then takes the listener on a mountain trail and describes all that she sees and experiences with her higher faculties.

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In Nature's Glories Are Great Lessons

368-1 Sunday 08/04/1968

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThis talk inspires one to go out into nature with a whole new outlook and receptivity than one has previously experienced. Flower shares with us how we can benefit from the great blessings nature has to offer us not only on a physical level through our five senses, but how we can be touched and blessed on a superphysical level as well. She says, that the more casual you are in nature, the more dormant your inner faculties are. But as it is true with everything, the more appreciative you are, and that is one of the things you have to do in approaching the Spirit of Grace, if you sound appreciation through all of your five senses, plus your sixth and seventh senses, you will not only give something to the Divine around you, to God in nature, but you will receive something from the Divine itself.

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Understanding the Value of the Sacraments

373-2 Sunday 10/27/1968

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseA church is a holy place where one encounters God. Holy Ones enter from the altar which represents the peak in man; the nave represents the filling of power; candles represent the presence of the Living Christ; Bible represents the Word of God; christening service gives permanent thought form by representative of the Christ and creates a link between inner and outer. Inner values of communion service, baptism, marriage, memorial, home blessing and dedication services described. Memorial service is most transcendent of all.

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The Incarnating Soul

392-2 Sunday 06/01/1969

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower poses questions asked by parents of a new baby, 'Where do you come from? Why are you here? Why have you come to me? How may I best help you?' and then uses the teachings of the Christ to answer those questions about all incarnating souls. Describes evolution of humankind, varying according to primary ray, from earliest lives in Mongolia up to the present. Lists fourth wave lifetimes (composite nations, blending). Mentions cosmic evolution within Solar system. Explains how parents can help their child's soul grow and evolve.

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Manhood and Fatherhood

394-1 Sunday 06/15/1969

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseMan reflects the fatherhood of God and on earth man is dominant. Spiritually the woman is more dominant and active on the inner planes. Questions and answers concerning the Seven Rays, how they were created and sent into manifestation. Psychopaths are soulless and ultimately are returned to primal essence. How a Guardian Angel chooses her charge. Christ was not an Archangel. Prayer thought forms and how they work. St. Germaine is now Master Ragoczy.

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Music is the Gateway into Divine Presence

396-1 Sunday 07/20/1969

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower explains music as a path to higher consciousness. Most persons feel it on the astral; can be used to cleanse heavy emotions. Can step into mental bodies and be analytical. We can step into our soul bodies; this is harder to do; when we listen with our causal body, instead of the music being out there, and we observers, we are instead participators. On causal level we are one with everything we appreciate, and therefore when hearing great music it sounds through one. Describes thought forms, colors and archetypes seen while listening to musical excerpts. Describes inner music at transition to inner worlds.

$7.00 (CD)

The Spiritual Celebration of Thanksgiving

404-2 Sunday 11/23/1969

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThere is in winter a benediction that comes which stimulates and transforms and uplifts us as no other season can or ever shall. It is because of the great advent of Christmas and everything is transformed with spiritual beauty, with meaning and value and with great enrichment. Thanksgiving esoterically precedes Christmas because everything that is wondrous and that has high benefit for us, should be prepared for through the inner cleansing of mind, emotions and body. A great light shines during this time to emphasize whatever is present, both good and bad, so expect to be confronted by testings and be grateful that the Divine Presence believes you have the truth, strength and qualifications to meet them.

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The Law of Causation

416-1 Sunday 03/22/1970

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower shares principles to remember when tested. Man is the creator of his circumstances; we cannot receive what we have not caused; and, man comes of age spiritually when he recognizes the law of cause and effect. We should never be critical of others when they are being tested. A comparison given of assassinations of Jack Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln. Example of Edwin Booth (brother of John Wilkes Booth) saving the life of Robert Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln's son). Example of General Jackson saving the life of William McKinley during the Civil War. Example of Ribald Tilling, the German scientist who was killed by the robot bomb he invented.

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Death: The Transformer

420-2 Sunday 05/31/1970

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower describes how death gives purpose to life on earth. She states that death is a cleanser and the transformer. Explains what happens to an individual after death, and the purpose of reincarnating back into physical life. She describes the importance and difficulty of achieving detachment from loved ones and one's work on earth after making one's transition. This must be achieved soul advancement. She states importance of preparing oneself for death while still on the physical plane.

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The Inner Values of Summer

422-2 Sunday 06/21/1970

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThe summer solstice ushers in a time when we should attune ourselves more fully to nature, to learn from nature. Flower recounts the experiences in nature of many nature mystics and naturalists. She explains how we can benefit by being in nature during the summer months.

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Consciousness Is Our Best Tool

428-2 Sunday 08/09/1970

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseDescribes evolution of consciousness in mankind, from earliest lives to present, then extends to future higher inner world states. Progression from body consciousness, self-consciousness, awakening (spiritual) consciousness. Describes sheaths formed around our God Inbeing, the Divine Knower. Most spiritual-minded persons stand today are filled with an awakening that there is God in whom they live and move and have their being. this outer form they see is but the smallest part of Being which they are, and that behind and within Being itself is the divine Indweller forever one with God the whole.

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The Inner Meaning of Halloween

439-1 Sunday 10/25/1970

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThis talk begins with the history of Halloween as well as the persecution of persons thought to be witches, primarily the Salem witch trials. Flower then talks about the reality of witches in modern society. She shares details of what takes place at Satanic rituals, such as black masses. She gives specific examples of evil at work in 1970, including Communism, rebelliousness toward parents and authority in general, radical professors inciting students on college campuses, the peace symbol actually a symbol for the dark forces of a broken cross. Flower stresses the importance of recognizing that evil exists and that it is extremely powerful and destructive, yet we can most effectively combat it by being aware of it and remaining centered and focused on the Light.

$7.00 (CD)

Agape Love and Its Inner Purpose

449-2 Sunday 02/14/1971

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThis talk is full of examples, some personal, of ways to express agape or spiritual love, which is the highest type of love we should all be striving toward. Flower emphasizes that this love needs to be given to the animals, nature, and our pets as well as toward humanity. In describing agape love she says that this love, which knows no division, no separation, no superiority, but which loves every race, every creed, is capable of transcending all kinds of religious barriers, and is also capable of separating the barriers which man has put up between himself and the creatures, and between himself and nature. Most importantly, it is not enough to understand what agape love is, it must be expressed in our daily living.

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After Death and Its Inner States

464-1 Sunday 05/30/1971

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower describes what happens to an individual after death. She includes the assistance of the Angel of Death and the Guardian as the soul journeys the inner worlds. The astral and mental worlds are also described, as well as the length of time one stays in each level. She speaks of when the soul is ready to incarnate and the help from the Kindle Archangel. The future gestational period for an incoming soul will take place in a test tube. This will be to eliminate any inherited disease. Look forward to death and strive to deserve it in a manner that will bring it to you while you are in full consciousness and with great joy.

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Extending Our Inner Life of Prayer

465-2 Sunday 06/20/1971

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThis talk not only emphasizes the importance of prayer in daily living, but gives specific instructions in improving one's prayer work. We are reminded that prayer is a necessary part of the dedicated Christian's life. Flower gives examples of how prayer can make a difference in our lives, and how prayers that are brief, but from the heart, are the most effective. She says that Prayer offers us communion with the Divine Pray-er in us. That Divine Presence of God Indwelling can pray to its own Divine Source or speak through us thus.

$7.00 (CD)

Walking in Beauty

466-1 Sunday 06/27/1971

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThis talk awakens us to the beauty that is all around us, not only God's artwork in nature, but in the fine arts as well as our everyday living. Flower stresses the importance of creating beauty in our homes and in our daily surroundings through our choice of artwork, jewelry and decorations. She encourages us to listen to uplifting music and visit museums of fine art. She shares what she sees clairvoyantly when gazing upon a painting that is done well. She advises us to become that type of Christian that walks with awe in the imminence of God's presence in nature, who listens with inner feeling to monumental works of harmonious sound. Appreciate tremendous beauty and receive from it the charging that is there for you. See every hour as a new canvas upon which you may make your impressions, your impressions of raising the hour into the level of harmonious significance, or into the expression of the beauty of holiness.

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The Hierarchy of Great Souls Made Perfect in God: The Masters

469-1 Sunday 08/15/1971

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseDescribes perfected beings that still have any connection with humanity; their functions and locations in inner worlds. Inner hierarchy has its seat in Shamballa; led by the Christ; different masters serve in different areas such as government, education, healing, arts, science and religion. Angel Hierarchy also exists, led by the Angel King, works with weather, elements, rising of continents, life on earth through nature. These two hierarchies meet and mingle, that is, their leaders may confer in council. Each, knowing the intentions of the other, can do much better in his own sphere of service.

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The World Mother's Influence on Earth

479-1 Sunday 11/14/1971

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseExplains the Greatness of Mary's Soul, her incarnation on Earth, and her Divine Work for humanity. Describes her great role in Christianity and Her present work on the inner planes which is that of comforting and expressing mercy, of living love, of raising the standard of femininity in the world. Indicates the importance of recognition of the divine feminine principle by religious faiths, and, explains that some faiths are more evolved in this area than others. Describes various personas of the Divine Mother that serve in Her Work, and who are recognized by religions. An example of this is Kwan Yin in China.

$7.00 (CD)

May's Lovely Differences

500-2 Sunday 05/07/1972

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower A. Newhouse stresses the importance of the month of May as a time for deep appreciation and reverence for the beauty God has created in nature. She speaks of the physical beauty at this time of year and explores how animals see color. She describes the inner aspects of May and what occurs on the superphysical plane as nature intelligences return to the northern hemisphere from the southern hemisphere as other nature servers flock to the southern hemisphere. She describes the inner temples that dwell on mountain peaks and tells us that May is most like the atmosphere, climate, and the beauty of the inner worlds. She also shares traits of the two astrological signs of this month–Taurus and Gemini, as well as famous persons under these signs, and shares her own experience as a Taurian.

$7.00 (CD)

Beauty's Endowments to Spiritual Life

508-1 Sunday 06/25/1972

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseWe need beauty as much as we need food and health. Flower Newhouse describes spring and summer as the Festival of Reception, then further notes that the Spirit of Beauty is all-giving, and when we are ready to receive and sensitive enough, we will be aware of how richly it adds to our inner life. It requires the purifying of our senses and the ennobling of our hearts and our thoughts. Further, she makes us aware of the many forms of beauty, including literature, arts, music, dance, and nature, among others.

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August: The Bestower of Blessings

511-1 Sunday 08/06/1972

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThis talk is about appreciating the month of August. Flower shares her difficulty with the heat this month brings to Southern California, yet how the readings of naturalists have inspired her to look for its hidden blessings. She uses this month to work inwardly and often has her best meditations during this time. She shares with us the inner side of Leos and several famous persons from this sun sign. She discusses the writings of Lorus and Marjorie Milne, along with Edwin Way Teale, and their insights into nature during the summer season. She particularly focuses on desert life, mountains, and the gem, amber.

$7.00 (CD)

The Awesomeness of December

519-1 Sunday 12/03/1972

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThis lesson focuses on the spiritual importance of December. Flower shares her insights on the sun sign of Sagittarius. She mentions several well-known individuals who are under this sign. She then shares the superphysical aspects of the coming of winter. She describes in vivid detail the changes that take place on the inner as the seasons advance from fall into winter, particularly with the colors in the atmosphere. She then quotes her favorite mystic naturalists regarding their insights on this time of year. Followed by 13 minute question and answer session.

$7.00 (CD)

The Holiness of Christmas

520-2 Sunday 12/24/1972

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThis talk was given on Christmas Eve Sunday at the close of a Christmas Retreat. Flower begins by describing the Christ's purpose for our humanity, then leads into a description of what takes place on the inner on Christmas Eve with the approach of the Hierarchy in celebration of Christ's birth, referred to as the Nativity on higher planes. She ends the talk by sharing with us what we can gain if we celebrate Christmas rightly. There is no one in the world that is more interested in you and your future than this One who is carrying out God's will directly of spiritualizing the entire planet. Help Him to do that.

$7.00 (CD)

What Inner Meaning Is Behind Being Lost Or Saved?

527-2 Sunday 04/08/1973

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseDifference described between Christianity and churchianity. Discussion of Catholic faith, Protestant and other faiths. Discussion of meaning of being lost or saved. Apostle Paul's version of being saved vs. our Lord's. Emerson met several famous authors in England and was disappointed to find they were not the same persons that their writings indicated. He felt Henry Wordsworth was the most outstanding and was one person at all times. Teilhard de Chardin was a 4th degree initiate and was badly treated by the church. After his passing his writings have been accepted. Explains that psychopaths have lost contact with their souls. After they return to primal essence and are sent out into life again they will be reunited with the seed atoms of their souls. The two things that can't be compelled from us are belief and love.

$7.00 (CD)

Reasons behind Man's Will to Incarnate

539-1 Sunday 09/16/1973

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower discusses the inner worlds and our need to return to earth by necessity or desire. The Kindel Archangel in charge of our evolution and life graphs explains our needs for next life. Young souls incarnate more rapidly than older ones. Experiences in inner worlds described and lessons learned. Discusses incarnations of some advanced souls, mentioning that Thoreau and Emerson were formerly friends in Greece with Plato and Aristotle. Advanced souls like Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin return to earth to serve humanity.

$7.00 (CD)

There Are No Dead

556-2 Sunday 05/26/1974

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseIn this Memorial Sunday talk about death and transition, Flower A. Newhouse emphasizes that although the body dies, the person never dies but wears countless robes that wear out. She explains that following transition and a passage through the three electrical pools, persons are more vital, awake, and joyous and have a much more expanded consciousness than before their passing. She describes the evolution of man through the gradual improvement and refinement of each vehicle with new inheritance factors each lifetime, and discusses karmic marriages and the apparatus by which we become sensitive to the inner kingdoms. She stresses that there are no dead, but that each person knows transition and through that transition, transformation.

$7.00 (CD)

Aspiring to Realize the Beautiful

558-2 Sunday 06/23/1974

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseIf we want our lives to be richer, then we need to behold beauty everywhere. We need to seek it, we need to express it and appreciate it and share it. Have you ever realized that beauty is always a gift of grace? When it comes to us it does so with a certain amount of surprise. It is wonderful to see life freshly, to meet things that are not anticipated and find them so exquisitely uplifting. Flower Newhouse discusses beauty in art, architecture, words and music, as well as in our own homes, sharing some of the inner impressions and effects given by beauty in its various manifestations.

$7.00 (CD)

The Meaning of Open-Key Periods

561-2 Sunday 08/11/1974

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThis talk describes the purpose of open-key periods in our lives. These periods are times in our life when we seem to have little purpose or direction, where no one else is guiding or directing us and we have only our inner selves to turn to. Flower gives specific examples of what can happen during these times and what we can do to get through them successfully.

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Spiritual Responsibilities toward Healing

563-2 Sunday 09/08/1974

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseRev. Flower A. Newhouse explains that through the many methods of healing, from the physical, metaphysical, mystical, and esoteric - our responsibility is to make ourselves worthy to be healed; making ourselves good conductors of the inner Light of Spirit.

$7.00 (CD)

The Phenomena of Astral Projection

568-1 Sunday 11/10/1974

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThis talk gives several examples of astral projection, or astral travel as well as near death, or out of body experiences. Beauty, joy, feelings, and descriptions of the inner worlds are portrayed. Warnings are given of the dangers of glamour and the need to merit visitation to the higher planes.

$7.00 (CD)

The Raising of Consciousness

573-2 Sunday 01/26/1975

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThis talk focuses on what we can do to lift our consciousness, so that we are not self-centered, but God-centered. Flower says, 'Raising consciousness is always our endeavor, to lift ourselves from the unreal to that which is more real.' She reminds us that there is an invisible world around us that we often forget exists, and that if we appreciate our many blessings and have hearts filled with gratitude, we will be more aware of that inner world. We will also be closer to being our true selves and climbing the path of mastery. She says, 'when we learn to uplift our consciousness continuously we are, at that moment at least or as long as we practice it, living the life.'

$7.00 (CD)

Sacred Mysteries and Their Schools

575-2 Sunday 02/23/1975

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseMystery schools existed in Chaldea, India, China, Egypt and Persia where deeper teachings were given and quality of persons was emphasized rather than quantity. Great White Brotherhood is active on the inner and helps to guide persons on earth. Pythagoras' School was the best thing that happened to Greece. He taught the movement of earth as we know it and also that the universe is spherical. Quakers were formerly Essenes. Christ's message was completely matchless and will never be excelled. Only 1/6th of human souls are allowed on earth at any one time.

$7.00 (CD)

The Touch of Light

586-2 Sunday 08/03/1975

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThe importance of Light, and Its origin, to our everyday living, as well as ways in which Light might be wielded in order to heal, enlighten and clarify challenges which come to us is discussed. The effects of Light on each of our Inner Bodies is pointed out, as well as a description of Its appearance in the aura of the various bodies, depending on one's focus of attention. The role Light plays in the process of Initiation, as well as some requirements for that event, are also elucidated. The importance of maintaining 'outgoingness' is touched upon as well. The tape ends with a meditation using Light for planetary and personal treatment.

$7.00 (CD)

Clairvoyance (1 of 2): The Difference between Spiritual and Psychic Perception

591-1 Sunday 10/05/1975

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseDescribes characteristics of the sixth sense. Differentiates between positive and negative clairvoyance. Lists several examples of persons demonstrating each type. Gives examples from her own positive clairvoyant training. States that it is the spiritual experiences of character growth, of the mind's expansion, of the holiness of seeing those who are higher that really counts. Clairvoyance for itself is helpful, just as our physical eyesight and hearing are helpful, but not all-important.

$7.00 (CD)

Clairvoyance (2 of 2): Toward an Understanding of Clairvoyance

591-2 Sunday 10/12/1975

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseCites academic research into extrasensory perception. Gives many examples (from books and magazines) of adults and children with clairvoyant or precognitive experiences. Shares personal experiences with clairvoyance. Cautions against negative clairvoyance, hypnosis, trance, and use of Ouija board, crystal ball, or pendulum. Stresses positive clairvoyance: living truest, selfless, most sincere spiritual life. Suggests recording experiences in notebook.

$7.00 (CD)

What Should Be Known About ESP?

618-1 Sunday 10/17/1976

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseMan possesses seven senses, though in this dimension he usually only employs five of them. The more truly trustworthy the clairvoyant individual is, the more he will express both objectivity and humility, and simplicity, or modesty. Clear seeing, when expressed from the background and through the means of Christian mysticism, will be a safe procedure, but without it one is not safe if he has not been well trained and watched by a higher teacher. When he has the training of the initiate and of the mystic, he will be oriented to Divine Good. The openness between worlds is very real to one who is in earnest. Always be in earnest, with joyfulness accompanying your sincerity.

$7.00 (CD)

What All Men May Receive from Christmas

622-2 Sunday 12/19/1976

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseEvery year you should have grown in the deepening of your recognition of Who the Christ is. And as you begin to know Him, you will realize that He is someone who lives from the innermost and radiates light forward to the outermost in touching us, but He is of earth. Revering and loving Christ and recognizing that Christmas blesses us with many benefits and we have intuitionally to tune in to more and more of the opening of the lens of our inner reception.

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$5.00 (MP3)

The Inner Dimension of Prayer

624-2 Sunday 01/16/1977

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThis talk describes the importance of praying rightly and how we can each contribute to world peace, world happiness, and world progress when we learn to pray more effectively. Flower lists the different aspects of prayer and gives examples of how we should pray. She describes what happens on the inner when we pray. She also shares how important it is to think of God when we are praying and to find new ways to address His Presence each time we pray. She tells us, 'God is unlimited and man, when his heart and his being functions rightly, is too, in his faith. And the way is open for all. Walk in it and be charged by it.'

$7.00 (CD)

Masters are a Great Reality

640-2 Sunday 09/11/1977

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseEvery kingdom is endeavoring to be perfected. Only about 240 humans have reached mastership so far. Masters have choice of where and how to serve. Many wish to remain in contemplation, working on the inner planes. Very rare to find true a master on physical plane. The only reason that they would come back to earth would be to be a wayshower and a teacher. Very seldom will a genuine master allow his degree of development to be known, because of one reason: they dislike personal idolatry. Most persons claiming to be masters are not.

$7.00 (CD)

The Inner Aspects of Thanksgiving

645-2 Sunday 11/20/1977

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseThanksgiving prepares us for the great feast of the birth of Christ in our own being. Humility, which always must be present, is present in the master, is present in the Lord, should be present in those who have not achieved the great degrees of development as yet. If we express humility, we will not even know we shine, because we are outgoing, outgiving, always outward looking away from ourselves to the wholeness that ever surrounds us of divinity. Includes stories of gratitude and the benefits of keeping a gratitude journal.

$7.00 (CD)

The Shape of Things to Come

648-2 Sunday 01/01/1978

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseWith promptings from the inner realm, the Reverend Flower A. Newhouse gives and highlights of the new year related to weather patterns, world affairs, medicine, and the arts.

$7.00 (CD)

Maytime's Inner Mysteries

657-2 Sunday 05/07/1978

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseIt means so much to those who are so much greater than men for human beings to look up and into the world of God. There they stand bringing to us a new love of the outdoors. A love of everything which refines us, ennobles us, and brings us into deeper appreciation of beauty, whether it is in a song, or a symphony, or a poem, whether it is a painting we see or the real natural mural of the out-of-doors. If we allow our hearts to express this season more than our minds we, through feeling, will intuitionally tune into the great, great Hierarchy of Divine Servers which is about us at this time.

$7.00 (CD)

The Akashic Records and Major Routes We Incarnate

665-1 Sunday 08/27/1978

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseEverything we think, say or do is recorded eternally in the Akashic Records. People of a high spiritual consciousness can go to these records to investigate and learn reasons for present behavior.

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$5.00 (MP3)

Seven Bodies (1 of 5): Higher Faculties and Powers

668-1 Sunday 10/08/1978

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseDiscusses man's inner powers from primitive man to modern times and institutions where these faculties are being studied. Flower relates examples of several of these powers, such as bilocation and precognition, giving detailed examples of the powers of Lord Christ, Nostradamus, Padre Pio and Pythagoras. Also related are examples of psychosomatic illnesses and their causes. She concludes the talk with the hope that there are men and women who continue to grow, keeping their minds open to God so that someday something very remarkable will come to them.

$7.00 (CD)

Christ Our Lord and Redeemer

681-1 Sunday 04/15/1979

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseDiscusses evolution, preparation for life on earth, and review of one's life with Kindel Archangel upon return to inner worlds. Flower shares her personal memories of Christ.

$7.00 (CD)

The Wisdom Religion: The Deep and Inclusive Aspect of Christ's Religion

713-2 Sunday 07/20/1980

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseWisdom religion exists and functions on soul level and contains all spiritual truth. Both exoteric and esoteric religions exist on earth. Christ taught inner teachings to the band of 70. The message of Christian orthodox churches pertains to our moral life. Exoteric religion began in Egypt in 3000 B.C. Apollo was god of shepherds. Athena was goddess of the home in Greece and Vesta in Rome. Polynesians and American Indians considered mountains as holy places. Scientology is a dangerous teaching.

$7.00 (CD)

From Death to Return

735-2 Sunday 05/24/1981

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseOn this day before Memorial Day in 1981, the Reverend Flower A. Newhouse stresses the importance of honoring all loved ones who have preceded us to the Inner Worlds. She suggests questions we might ask ourselves about our readiness for transition and encourages us to speak properly about those who have passed on by never being dour or using the past tense because they are more alive on the inner than they were in the physical world. The experience of death, activity on the inner planes and the return to the earth plane for another life are also addressed.

$7.00 (CD)

The Qualifications of an Initiate

754-1 Sunday 02/07/1982

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower describes her illumination experience at the Giving Tree. Initiation is never conferred from without. It must be an inner experience of your own. Stages of unfoldment include prelude, the event itself (major or minor initiation), and postlude. Once you become enlightened, you belong to the hierarchy, you don't belong to yourself anymore. At third initiation you see who initiates you, and also know that now you are directly attuned to the Hierarchy of Perfected Souls.

$7.00 (CD)

Our Very Important Guardian Angels

762-1 Sunday 05/30/1982

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseDo you know your Guardian Angel? Do you feel her? Flower A. Newhouse addresses in great depth our relationship to our Guardian Angels. Through examples in her own life, she illustrates how this Shining One is our greatest supporter and spiritual teacher from the inner realms-a gift from God. Questions and answers in regards to Guardian Angels conclude this talk.

$7.00 (CD)
$5.00 (MP3)

The Reality of Devachan

768a1 Sunday 09/05/1982

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower describes life after death and the spiritual level that we merit. A great deal of time and purification is needed to finally reach the 4th plane of the higher mental world, or Devachan. The past life is reviewed completely and great insights are learned. Plans are made in the last period of Devachan planning and idealizing our next incarnation.

$7.00 (CD)

The Valentine is a Symbol of the Heart Chakra

780-1 Sunday 02/13/1983

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower describes the appearance of the heart chakra under different conditions and in different inner bodies. Describes prayer thought forms of love. States that love is the most transforming quality, next to reverence. Lists types of love including instinctive, personal, impersonal agape, and spiritual love, and gives examples of each. Has us ask ourselves - Are we giving enough love? Is love active in us? Are we caring for other people?

$7.00 (CD)

How to View Those Who Have Died

787-2 Sunday 05/29/1983

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseAnyone who has graduated deserves to give full attention to inner worlds. They are where they belong, enjoying themselves immensely. Although it is okay to send them thought forms of love and of happy events here, do not try to call them back to give you advice. Describes events after death including electric separation by Angel of Transition, three pools, reunion and life review. Describes astral world, astral body, creation of clothing, scenery, gardens and homes. Soul will want to visit friends, travel, then help others, then study in Halls of Learning and Wisdom.

$7.00 (CD)

Past Life Leftovers

794-1 Sunday 08/28/1983

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseYou are a composite of everything you've ever done, thought and felt, both constructively and destructively. You have lived many times, always with the uplift of being improved upon in the last incarnation. There are two types of karma that affect us as we go through life and even our expression of existence in the inner worlds. They are karma which is due, and deferred karma.

$7.00 (CD)

Christmas' Significance on the Inner Planes

828-2 Sunday 12/23/1984

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower reminds us that Christ is unique and has attained what no other man has. We wouldn't know God if it weren't for our Lord. He brought down God into our hearts in a knowing way. Although we know Christ best, God is no longer an abstraction to us. Christ means something, it means that here is One who has attained what no other person has. He didn't ask for this, it came upon Him. It was the grace of God that descended upon Him, chose Him, because there was no mark of defilement or impurity or prejudice in Him. He was the Son of God in the radiation of His light, and that radiation remains steadfast.

$7.00 (CD)