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Recorded Lectures

by Flower A. Newhouse from 1950 to 1990

Flower A. Newhouse, circa 1940's

Here you'll find a large sample of the recorded lectures given by Rev. Flower A. Newhouse between 1950 and 1990. These lectures can be purchased on CD-ROM and many are now available as Audio Downloads.

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The Challenge of Reincarnation

437-1 Sunday 10/11/1970

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseFlower discusses our need to reincarnate. Reincarnation is believed by many religions such as Buddhism, Sufis as well as Christianity; also accepted by some Egyptians and Greeks and referenced in Talmud, Zohar, Kabala and New Testament. Includes quotes of Jesus on reincarnation in Bible and comments on some scholars' objections to reincarnation. Extent of earth's aura described. Past lives acknowledged by Emperor Julian, Plato, Napoleon, Thoreau, Count Leo Tolstoy, Wagner, Viktor Hugo, Nietzsche and Louisa Alcott. Flower discussed disadvantages of knowing our past before we are ready. Goethe's quotes on reincarnation.

$7.00 (CD)