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Recorded Lectures

by Flower A. Newhouse from 1950 to 1990

Flower A. Newhouse, circa 1940's

Here you'll find a large sample of the recorded lectures given by Rev. Flower A. Newhouse between 1950 and 1990. These lectures can be purchased on CD-ROM and many are now available as Audio Downloads.

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The Deeper Meanings of Continuity

125-2 Sunday 01/24/1960

Lecture by Flower A. NewhouseCompares 'one-life' theory with individual continuity or reincarnation. Describes personal memories of past lives, corroborated by others. Demonstrates effects of past lives on current incarnation. Explains that physical plane is where lessons are worked out and growth occurs. Each life begins with new body, personality and brain. Gives several Bible references to reincarnation and cause and effect. Lists famous persons believing in reincarnation and cites their memories and writings. Gives examples of reincarnation of pets.

$7.00 (CD)