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Collected Works Research Library

Flower A. Newhouse at Mt. Cook in New Zealand

Every book, lecture, article, essay, and poem published by The Christward Ministry since its founding in 1940, eventually makes its way into this large searchable research library. Each month additional content is published to this collection and made available for your spiritual study.

The purpose of this service is to introduce a seeker directly to the material they are searching for. Available resources are listed based on the topics that were searched. Each item can be viewed or listened to immediately. Also, lists of popular topics are provided for our most common searches.

NOTE: The Premium (Quester) Subscription is all-inclusive allowing a user to read and listen to all resources. The Standard (Seeker) and Free Subscriptions offer the search tools but users will either have to purchase the book or audio in our bookstore or pay a nominal fee online to have direct access.