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Questhaven Academy

A Christian Mystic Community and Training Center

A place to study, practice, worship, and share, on our quest for oneness with God.


Soul Raising Videos

Lift Your Consciousness, Change Your Life

This is an email subscription service that sends you a short inspiring video message every Monday morning to bring a new spiritual insight by Flower A. Newhouse and others to your week. The purpose of this service is to help raise your consciousness to the influence of your Soul—your Christ self, which knows oneness with God. It also gives you full access to SOULcinema where you can peruse past favorites to be inspired by our wide spectrum of spiritual themes. This is a perfect introduction to Christian Mysticism and comes right to your email inbox.

Sample Video: The Soul



Where Worship and Inner Study are Shared and Practiced

This is a safe place for all sincere seekers looking to experience God to study and share together. This community includes a content-rich, media-filled environment that is both interactive and contemplative. Enjoy the countless hours of spiritual support to help make life's journey more full and meaningful.



Training Program on the Path of Christian Mysticism

This is a Living School with a growing number of life enrichment classes, certification programs and training opportunities. The Academy features a two-year series of Academy Lessons to discover one's true identity. This is a comprehensive and rigorous study into Christian Mysticism, Esoteric Truth, Discipleship and Psychology of Wholeness to discover the Divine pattern and purpose in all life. Become a spiritual coach or apply for teacher training or ministerial certification.

Video: Now Registering for Classes (Learn More)



Online Broadcast Channel

This is the Academy's broadcast and media channel online. This includes LIVE event streaming, pre-recorded broadcasts, and archived lectures by Flower A. Newhouse. Sunday worship services, monthly question and answer gatherings and discussion groups are all a part of the live streaming experience. Podcasts on a variety of topics, by Flower A. Newhouse and current ministers, are also featured.



Collected Works Research Library

This is the archive library for the Academy. It contains a growing collection of lectures, books, and essays by Flower A. Newhouse and others. A subscriber can scan the entire archive by topic or keywords. The search shows all book chapters and talks that contain that reference and allows one to instantly view or listen to the source displayed.