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Ways Into God's Presence

Silence, Meditation and Prayer

Jesus Praying in Gethsemane, Harry Anderson

Christians hear much about the use of silence, meditation and prayer. To some, these terms are of mixed understanding. Actually, each of these designations has a definite role and accomplishes a purpose not found in the other practices.

We have not only to think of God as realistically as we are able many times a day; we discover also that there are special ways to think of Divine Reality and to open ourselves to the Presence.


The practice of silence is a very important art. We use this approach whenever we worship, as well as when we are taking a walk in the outdoors, listening to a vital conversation, or when we want to clear our thoughts for the greater awareness of Divinity.

To practice silence we enter the boundary of the Eternal Threshold. At its entrance we thoughtfully pause to gaze upon, examine and consider the inner territory into which we have been admitted by the questing of our higher selves.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, The Quest

We gain an impression of vibrant stillness—of Light in different intensities according to our individual approach. Sometimes the Light of God is softly diffused all around us. Again, It is seen as brightness, and occasionally Its luminosity is dazzling. In silence a strong impression of Presence persists—Presence facing us and enveloping us at this point of Its Everywhereness.

Three things happen to us as we enter the threshold of silence:

  • We condition ourselves for spiritual reception.
  • We stand receptively in God's Light.
  • We enter a higher state of being.

Entering These Thresholds

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